Pizza and Karaoke!

When you think of Sun ‘n Fun, you probably think of planes and sun. Yes but there’s more. For dinner tonight, the team and I went to a truly great pizza place called KC’s Artisan pizza. We’ve been there many times in past years. Outstanding pizza!

But never on their new Karaoke night!  Never had so much fun eating pizza in my life.


2 thoughts on “Pizza and Karaoke!

  1. Steve,

    I have been a Fly Q user for 5 years now. Love the new updates, especially the flight tracking, awesome for IFR training…..i can actually see my approaches and holds improving…Well in most lessons anyhow!

    Something i grabbed from you tube, not sure if this is fore flight or Garmin or what…..but a suggestion for a next update that i think would be super easy to hard code or even offer the user the ability to move the layout of the boxes around and the labels…….but a form master would be an awesome addition?

    Question, i have a DXPS 170, firmware up to date…….why do i often not get a weather signal ? I fly arounnd the chicago area.

    Thanks for you time, keep the great updates coming

    Andy Wheatcroft

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    • Hi Andy. Thanks for the kind words and sorry for the delay. Not sure I understand the part about boxes and labels. Can you clarify? Re: the 170. Well, you should. Providing the Radar layer is ON and you have a connection to a ground station (978) you should see weather. If this happens again, tap any of the 5 status icons at the top and check the Weather tab within. It will say when you last got weather from ADS-B. The ADS-B subtab will also have info about when it last received weather data. If you’re not seeing any, I’d contact the folks at Dual. Often it’s an issue with a broken antenna or antenna connector.


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