Adios DUATS / Aloha Leidos!

As of right now, all flight plans and weather briefings for any FlyQ app or Voyager are routed through Leidos ( as CSRA DUATS goes offline on 5/16/18.  Any request for a weather briefing or flight plan filing via DUATS is automatically redirected towards Leidos; no work on your part is required.  However, you gain substantial benefits to adding your Leidos Username to your FlyQ account. See below for more information about that.

A few notes:

  1. If you don’t alter your Pilot Profile in FlyQ to contain your Leidos Username, you’ll get weather briefings and filed flight plans based solely on the tailnumber of your aircraft (FlyQ has had this feature for 2 years).  The flight plans and briefings are officially filed but you will not be able to look them up on the web site.
  2. To have keep track of your briefings and filings, you need to add your Leidos Username to FlyQ and enable FlyQ access in as follows:
    1. If you don’t have a Leidos Username, go to and create a free account.  Note:  A Leidos “Username” is really an email address.
    2. Once you have your Leidos Username, go to FlyQ Online at, click the “Gear” icon to go to Settings, select Pilot Profiles, then add your Leidos Username.
    3. IMPORTANT!  You also need to tell Leidos to allow FlyQ to access your account: Log into, click the Account “menu” at the top, click “Service Provider Authorization” and enable FlyQ.
  3. Very soon, FlyQ EFB will have the same Leidos username features as FlyQ Online has now.  We expect this revised version to be given to beta testers this week and all users very shortly thereafter.  In the meantime, weather briefings and flight plans will go through Leidos as described in Note 1 above (that is, you can file and brief with Leidos but you won’t be able to access these from
  4. FlyQ Pocket, FlyQ InSight, and Voyager will also file and brief via Leidos automatically.  At the moment, these systems do not have a way to add a Leidos username.  FlyQ InSight and possibly FlyQ Pocket will have this soon.  Voyager will never gain additional Leidos support as we strongly suggest that all Voyager users switch to FlyQ EFB and FlyQ Online.

Questions?  Either post them here and we’ll try to answer them or email

10 thoughts on “Adios DUATS / Aloha Leidos!

  1. Steve,

    Excellent! Thanks for making this happen. 1800wxbrief and FlyQ is a winning combination.




  2. Steve,

    Just created flight plan on FlyQ Online and filed it using the new functionality/communication between Online and Leidos.

    Worked like a champ!

    Nicely done. Looking forward to it working on the EFB too. The best EFB… FlyQ EFB.




    • Thanks Dan! To be honest, as we already had Leidos support baked in, adding the Username wasn’t so hard. At the same time, we also made it possible to get raw (vs translated) wx briefings from Leidos (there’s a switch for that in Settings) and we’ll eventually add a button in FlyQ EFB to open and close flight plans.


  3. […] Special Note About DUATS:  As you may have heard, DUATS service was retired on May 16. From now on, all weather briefings and flight plan filing must be done from Leidos (aka or Lockheed Martin). FlyQ products have included an option to use Leidos for two years.  Moreover, as of now, all FlyQ products and Voyager will automatically re-route requests to use DUATS to Leidos so no action is required on your part even if you have not yet switched to to Leidos.  However, in FlyQ Online (and soon in FlyQ EFB) you can now connect your FlyQ and Leidos accounts to gain substantial benefits such as Leidos EasyActivate and seeing your recently filed plans on the web site.  For more info, click here for our DUATS blog entry. […]


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