ATC Route Refinements in FlyQ Online

We’ve released a new version of FlyQ Online (v that has some fixes and minor changes.

Access FlyQ Online from any PC or Mac via to do flight planning, weather analysis, fuel price searches, Document management and more.

As a reminder, you can learn about FlyQ Online from several videos in YouTube:

Changes/Fixes in version (5/30/18)

  • FIXED: In rare cases, no map base layer is selected
  • FIXED: In ATC routes, the min/max alt is not considered when Wind Optimize is off
  • FIXED: In rare cases, a flight plan created from an ATC route may lack the takeoff and/or landing airport
  • FIXED: ATC routes with invalid idents (such as old SIDs and STARs) are not handled properly
  • FIXED: Map button (center flight plan on map) does not work on NavLog
  • FIXED: Map layers not saved/restored between sessions
  • FIXED: ATC Routes should be ignored if the route includes more than just Takeoff and Landing

5 thoughts on “ATC Route Refinements in FlyQ Online

  1. When Fly Q EFB gets updated will it also include the Fly Q Online fix “Map layers not saved/restored between sessions” ? I certainly hope it will. Thanks in advance, Paul


    • In general, EFB has always saved layers. For reasons that we cannot reproduce (and, therefore not fix), sometimes it doesn’t. This is entirely unrelated to FlyQ Online, I’m afraid so no changes. If you have a way to consistently reproduce the issue (or any other issue in EFB), please email the PRECISE steps to reproduce the problem, potentially including screenshots or even video.

      EFB and Online use entirely different code bases except that they both use the same routing system. In fact, the ATC routing fixes noted above were generally found during testing and development of the ATC Routing system in EFB so do automatically apply to the about to be released new version of EFB.


  2. I have no way “to consistently reproduce the issue (or any other issue in EFB), please email the PRECISE steps to reproduce the problem” . If I could figure it out I would be glad to provide the information. Funny thing I thought it was your job as the software guys to figure out and solve your clients issues with your product, I for one would like this problem fixed. Thank you for your consideration concerning this issue.


    • Hi Paul. Yes, it is our problem to fix issues but if we can’t reproduce it (and we can’t – and have tried repeatedly), it’s really hard to fix. We’ve tried may things that might fix the problem but apparently still haven’t nailed it. Generally the repro to things like this is very subtle and very dependent on an exact sequence of events or depends on hardware or external devices. Or something completely weird. As an example, a few years ago we had a problem where the High Res terrain download switch would not stay OFF for some people. We could not reproduce this and we tried again and again. Finally, someone sent us a video with an audio description of exactly what they did and we found it (ON/OFF switches on iOS work by either sliding or tapping. This bug only occurred when sliding the switch, tapping worked fine. Apparently all our testers tap not slide.)


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