FlyQ EFB version 3.1 Now Available!

We are very happy to announce that FlyQ EFB 3.1 is now available for download from the App Store!  It has important improvements to flight planning, Leidos support, full iPhone X support, and more


Flight Planning now automatically adds fuel stops based on lowest prices, looks for recently cleared ATC routes for IFR flights, allows Layover Time during fuel stops, and makes it much easier to change flight plan altitudes. It also includes important fixes for Avidyne users (restores ADS-B and flight plan transfer features) and other fixes. See the revised Pilot’s Guide for more details.

Watch the full What’s New in v3.1 video and read the new Pilot’s Guide for details.

Most of the new flight planning features are also available in the new release of FlyQ Online for your PC or Mac.

What’s New in 3.1

  • ADDED: Automatic fuel stop planning based on lowest prices!
  • ADDED: Automatically shows a list of recently cleared IFR flight plans when creating an IFR plan
  • ADDED: Full iPhone X support
  • ADDED: Full Leiods (1800wxbrief) login support (add your Leidos Username in Settings/Pilots)
  • ADDED: Ability to set Layover time at fuel stops
  • ADDED: Can request weather briefings in either Raw (coded) or Translated format
  • FIX: Avidyne ADS-B and Flight Plan transfer features restored

To upgrade from an existing iPad or iPhone installation:

Go to the App Store icon on your iPad or iPhone and select the Updates tab.  Click the Update button next to FlyQ EFB.  Note:  If your device is set to automatically update apps, you may see an Open button rather than Update because the new version has already been installed.

To download to a new iPad or iPhone:

Go to the App Store icon on your iPhone or iPad, select the Search tab, enter FlyQ EFB.

11 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB version 3.1 Now Available!

  1. Steve,

    Good stuff! One change I’d recommend is having a minimum fuel option for your fuel stop determination. I noticed that it allows me to fly till fuel is down to 4.3 gal before a stop. In my aircraft, due to the fuel tank configuration with the fuel outlet at the front of the tank I’d have the engine quit if I had to pitch up to go around. Don’t ask me how I know. I’d like to be able to set my minimum fuel for my comfort level.

    Keep up the good work!

    Blue skies & tailwinds, Bob Borger Europa XS Tri, Rotax 914, Airmaster C/S Prop (130 hrs). Little Toot Sport Biplane, Lycoming Thunderbolt AEIO-320 EXP, Hercules Prop. 3705 Lynchburg Dr. Corinth, TX 76208-5331 Cel: 817-992-1117


    • Great idea, Robert. We’ve already planned to make those configurable based on time in the future. Right now, it uses the standard 30 or 45 minute rules so not actually based on a specific amount (that is, the amount varies based on winds).


  2. Keep the good stuff comming Steve!!

    I just added a new subscribsion from you for my KSN770….it’s working great as are the ASPEN data bases. I’m not a garmin guy.

    Question….I built a Raspberry Pi Stratux system, enclosher and all. I see you are selling the Merlin. I just became ADSB out (I have a KT74) and am using my Flyq system for ADSB In with the Stratux. Do you have heat issues with the Merlin system you are selling? My system get so hot it melting the plastic case(it has the fan).

    Another question…..On FlyQ EFB maps, I seem to always get an approach plate overlaided when I reenter maps from another display(scratch, plans, etc). I have to contantly go into the map setting->Other and disable the “Procedures”. Is this a bug? I’d like it so I have to enable it but it seem to constantly do it by itself.

    Best Regards, Steve


    • Hi Steve. Thanks for the kind words. I’m not aware of any significant heat issues w/ the Merlin as it has a fan that seems to work fine. I think one person reported a melted enclosure but I think that was just something faulty as we’ve sold thousands of them.

      Are you having the problem with the plates in version 3.1? I vaguely remember there being an issue there that I thought we addressed. If so, please email with a very specific way to reproduce the problem including screenshots or video capture of the whole process including your Layers settings.

      Thanks, Steve


  3. Am I going nuts, or has the Flight Data Recorder feature moved or disappeared? I can’t find it in version 3.1…it was something I used all the time in 3.0 and really appreciated it.

    Say it ain’t so!



    • Actually neither, John. The feature most definitely has not been removed. In fact, a dramatically enhanced version of it is the star of upcoming FlyQ EFB v 4.0. In v 3.0, you could access it by tapping any of the 5 status lights at the top right of the screen or from Settings. I suspect you used the Settings method. We removed that method because, from what we could see, no one used that method to access it (and we never showed it in any video and not sure even mentioned it in the Pilot’s Guide). So, just tap any of the Status lights then select Flight Recorder. See the video for more info:

      Sorry for any confusion but, as I said, the Flight Recorder is about to get a huge promotion within the app 😉


  4. Steve,

    Big Bad Bug. Trying to plan a trip to KOSH. I didn’t like your choice of fuel stops (See my last e-mail) so I turned off “Add fuel stops” and added my preferred stops as waypoints. When I press “Create” the route still adds your fuel stops along with my waypoints. I can’t turn off your fuel stops!

    Blue skies & tailwinds, Bob Borger Europa XS Tri, Rotax 914, Airmaster C/S Prop (130 hrs). Little Toot Sport Biplane, Lycoming Thunderbolt AEIO-320 EXP, Hercules Prop. 3705 Lynchburg Dr. Corinth, TX 76208-5331 Cel: 817-992-1117


    • Hi Robert,

      Sorry about that and thanks for getting in touch. We’re having a little trouble reproducing this one. Can you give me the EXACT inputs you used? Like a screenshot that shows all your settings on both Plans/New and Settings/Defaults? Please email that to us at and me personally at

      We did find one case where this could happen and fixed it so it’s possible that you can’t reproduce the problem anymore but please let us know either way.

      Thanks, Steve


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