FlyQ EFB and the New Stratus 3!

Seattle Avionics Announces Compatibility with the Stratus 3 ADS-B Receiver

Seattle, WA, July 20, 2018– Seattle Avionics today announces support for the exciting new Stratus 3 ADS-B receiver.  With the forthcoming FlyQ EFB version 3.2, FlyQ EFB will get weather, traffic, GPS, and AHRS from the Status 3, much like it does from more than 20 other ADS-B and in-panel systems.

“We are very excited to have worked with Appareo to ensure compatibility between FlyQ EFB and the Stratus 3,” said John Rutter, President of Seattle Avionics Software.  “Pilots can now use FlyQ EFB, the #1 rated iPad aviation app, and Stratus, the #1 rated ADS-B receiver together!”

“Appareo is excited to have Seattle Avionics and their FlyQ app integrated with our newest portable ADS-B receiver,” said Appareo Aviation President Kris Garberg. “This new connection will allow FlyQ customers to get Stratus’s proven reliability of GPS, traffic and weather displayed on their favorite app.”

The new Stratus 3 builds on the rock-solid reputation of the Stratus line by adding features such as Auto Shut Off and Smart WiFi.  Auto Shut Off powers off the unit when it detects it’s idle or at less than a 3D GPS lock. Smart WiFi allows an iPad or iPhone with a cellular connection to access the Internet and the Stratus at the same time. The device is offered at an introductory price of $699.  Appareo is also introducing a trade-in program toStratus 2S customers who are interested in upgrading to Stratus 3.  Details can be found on Appareo’s website:


16 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB and the New Stratus 3!

    • Steve,

      All is good with the Stratus 3 receiver and FlyQ (after v3.2 installed). Used it many times since the OSH18 return trip with success. The Appareo folks were super! Julie at Appareo is an outstanding representative for that company and product!

      Missed you at OSH18, Great Show … John represented you well!

      So, I used the DUAL XGPS-170 for a few years, and talked many times with the Tech Support folks. Got firmware updated on it by them. Had an intermittent nagging problem with the Bluetooth dropping out usually 1/2 way through my flights. Annoying! Spoke about this issue with Ung Hee Na at OSH and his response was, shall I say, Ok, we’ll work it.

      Seeking another solution, I talked with your John R and he showed me the new Dynon DRX, it looked good but not available for return flight.

      I’d been using the Merlin (Stratux) I got from SA at super sale last Tgiving day with success, but that Raspberry Pi is temperamental. Had to ‘reflash’ SD card a few times and carry a spare. To replace that MicroSD requires a tweezers. The battery (4 hours?) is ‘eh’, plug in/pull out for on/off. And then the battery held on to receiver case with rubber bands and has two antennae sticking out. Great idea, but looks like a 21st Century Erector Set project on the glare shield.

      The Open ADS-B on the STRATUS 3 Wi-Fi connects to the iPad without issue and stays solid. The 3 looks great, clean (no external wires, antennae and battery (long lasting) case, oh and easy to see status lights and a push button switch!) and has a great company standing behind it. This maybe my ideal solution, for now.

      Thanks for keeping up with all the software issues, so I can just push the button, open FlyQ and be on my ‘well-informed, with pubs up to date and moving maps” way! Rob


      • Thanks for the kind words, Rob! We do definitely like the Stratus 3 and we’re VERY glad it’s open so FlyQ can use it. We also found the folks at Appareo to be extremely easy to work with. I did miss being at OSH but simply too much to do at the office; I’m sure I’ll be back next year!


  1. Different Question:

    I found out this week that my Dual 160 GPS puck will not work because of the update to IOS 11.

    Any idea how I can fix this issue?

    Thanks very much



  2. Suggestion: How ‘bout changing the black color of the “ADS-B Connect” and “ADS- Disconnected” at the top of the screen since it is hard to see as it sets on the top bar in maps which is black also and it is easily overlooked ?

    Thanks. Just got Stratus 3 for my Appareo ESGi. The Stratus 3 is such a great receiver, I get weather and lots more traffic at a much lower altitude than with my older iLevil SW 2. So glad FlyQ EFB works with Stratus Appareo now, good work, “y’all.” Paul


  3. I notice in reading the literature on the Stratus 3 it says “some features only available on Foreflight”. Have you encountered any limitations, in particular, does the FlyQ synthetic vision work?
    Thanks, Keith


    • Yes, 3D synthetic vision works great. The only features can think of are firmware updates (which you can also do via the Appareo Updater app) and the hardware-based data recorder with FlyQ doesn’t need as we do data recording in FlyQ itself so don’t relay on any one device. There may be more but all features in FlyQ that work w/ any other ADS-B receiver work perfectly w/ the Stratus 3.


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