Problem with Weather Processing

UPDATE: 10:20 AM Pacific:  System functionality appears to be restored.  We will continue monitoring the situation.

We are having some intermittent problems with weather processing due to a hardware failure on an Amazon-based server.  We are in the process of switching to a backup and hope to have the issue resolved soon.

Thank you for your patience.

6 thoughts on “Problem with Weather Processing

  1. Steve,

    Getting ready to go to OSH and having an issue with FlyQ EFB.

    When filing DAB direct SUE or DAB BASSS SUE it take me way out of the way to the NE to N 38-58-40.2 W 77-45-42.4 Pretty much the same with the ROYES intersection when departing either 7FL6 or DAB’’.

    If I file 7FL6 BASSS LGC SUE it works OK. If I then delete LGC from the flight plan it will give me BASS direct SUE.

    What’s happening here?

    Ron Vickrey


    • Hi Ron. We really don’t do tech support via a blog as we prefer to give everyone 1:1 attention using email. Can you email this to In this case, there are far too many variables to answer directly so the folks in Support will get some clarification on exactly what and how you’re doing do this and resolve the issue for you. Thanks, Steve


  2. Hi Steve, it would be more helpful when you alert us to glitches if you could elaborate on what we might expect to see if we’re using an on-line product or FlyQ in the air. Thanks, Tom, BTW keep up the good work.


    • Thanks Tom. Good point, will do. This was strictly related to anything that uses METARs and TAFs from the National Weather Service – that is, while connected to the Internet. It had no affect on METARs or TAFs that came from an ADS-B source.


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