OSH: Day 2

I’m still in Seattle working on Slingshot and a hush-hush secret project but the team claims to be working hard in OSH right now.  When I spoke to them over the phone a few minutes ago, I was pretty sure I heard Marimba music in the background.  And they keep sending me photos like this:  Watcha think?


5 thoughts on “OSH: Day 2

  1. I think they are trying to find new platforms for Slingshot. Must be hard and terrible work. I pity them for having to be there instead of enjoying Seattle summer

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    • Yes, they seemed very sad 😉 Generally, it’s a lot hotter in OSH than in Seattle this time of year. But this year, I think the OSH team got the better deal. Years ago, when I was married, my wife called me during OSH saying it was so hot in Seattle that she joined a country club so the kids could go swimming to beat the heat. I think I get that now.


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