OSH: 10 AM FlyQ Seminar Today!

TODAY!  Intro to FlyQ EFB. Wed July 25, 10 AM. Forum Stage 11.

Learn why FlyQ EFB is the highest-rated major aviation app (hint: because it’s so easy to use).  See how our exclusive “Rule of 2” design philosophy means that all major functions are no more than 2 touches away so you fly the plane, not the iPad.  This presentation covers all the major features so you can download a free trial and get flying immediately!  Also covers new features added in FlyQ EFB 3.0 such as new iPhone support, Augmented Reality, and the Flight Data Recorder.

Today’s presentation will be given by Robert McGuire.  Robert is an extremely accomplished aviator and flight instructor who has a crazy number of certifications to his name (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, CFI-G, AGI, IGI, SES).  He flies anything he can get his hands on including Mooneys, Pipers, and Cessnas.  Robert will “tell it like it is” as he has been using FlyQ since it was still in beta and isn’t known to be shy about sharing his opinions.  He’s also really funny.  Fun fact:  He and I share the same birthday, although on somewhat different years.



4 thoughts on “OSH: 10 AM FlyQ Seminar Today!

    • Hi Steve. Gotcha. But, to be fair, on Saturday we did the following: Post (right here) the complete schedule, send an email to everyone in our contact list (you should have received this), Tweeted, and posted the schedule on Facebook (to the FAT PNW group). The next seminar is tomorrow (Friday) at 8:30 AM — Advanced FlyQ EFB.


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