¡Olé! Official Mexican VFR Charts Now Available!

As you may recall, we removed the ancient WAC charts from our ChartData a few months ago.  A major effect of that was to remove all Mexican VFR maps (the IFR Low and High coverage remained).  Now we more than plugged that hole by getting the official Mexican VFR charts that cover all of Mexico.  And they look terrific!


We combine the US and Mexican charts to create one seamless coverage area.  Like the US charts, Mexico provides their charts at multiple resolutions — effectively WAC and TAC resolution (oddly, not at native Sectional resolution).  The Mexican-produced “WAC” charts cover the entire country and their TAC-level charts cover about 30 regions.  We merge these together so you see the lower-resoultion data when zoomed out and the high-resolution (TAC-like) resolution when you zoom in.  This is the same way we handle the combination of US Sectionals and TACS (and also US IFR Low Altitude charts and IFR Area charts).



This new data applies to systems that use our most recent data format: FlyQ EFB, Bendix-King xVue Touch / AeroVue Touch, and Dynon SkyView.  This format should soon be available to AFS users as well.  The newer format maps are not used with Voyager, GRT, or the AV8OR ACE so the new Mexican maps are not available for these systems.

To get the new maps for these systems, just select the regions of Mexico you want and click Update Now.

Note:  If you are using FlyQ EFB and already have these regions downloaded (or areas of the US along the border), you may want to use the Delete button in the ChartData Manager portion of the app to remove all current Sectionals and begin again with the new seamless set or you may see an odd mix of US and Mexican maps in areas near the border.

6 thoughts on “¡Olé! Official Mexican VFR Charts Now Available!

    • Hi Eric, Sorry but no. GRT is still using a very old data format that we can’t support with these maps. Several other OEMs have transitioned to the new format, mostly because the download and install process is VASTLY VASTLY VASTLY (did I mention “vastly?”) faster, easier, and more reliable. We’d love to see GRT move to the newer format or, better, still connect via WiFi using our Slingshot technology to entirely ditch the whole “download, copy to USB, etc.” cycle and just have it all magically work wirelessly (and almost instantly). Suggest asking them to contact us and we’d be happy to give them all the tech nitty-gritty on the newer (3 year old) format and now Slingshot.


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