FlyQ EFB 3.2.1 Just Released to Apple

Shh…. We just released a new version of FlyQ EFB to Apple for their review.  As always, they have to approve it before release.  This may happen as early as tomorrow or perhaps next week (they may have a lot of apps to look at due to the release of iOS 12).  Over the last few weeks, we’ve done several beta (test) releases of 3.2.1 to our external beta testers to validate the changes.  If you’re a beta tester, you should have a notice in your inbox now asking you to test version as it’s the same build that we released to Apple (that email also mentions what bugs we fixed since the previous beta).

The vast, vast, vast majority of work in this release was about fixing bugs, including some long-standing ones, and dramatically improving reliability — esp. when downloading data.  It also adds one major, and highly-requested, new feature.  When the release is ready, I’ll give you the details on the new feature 😉


13 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB 3.2.1 Just Released to Apple

    • I don’t want to play 20 questions with folks (of course, I guess I started it) but Garmin compatibility is still something we’re working towards so, no. The feature I’m talking about is one many people have requested but it’s not quite that dramatic 😉


  1. CAP is going to GARS for CAP grids. Is Fly QB updating to accommodate this change?
    Why can’t I see AC ID in traffic? Need to fix.


  2. Wish you would focus on a search engine that would work. Locating cities and airports should be a higher priority. Talked to you at OSH about this.


    • Hi Steven. I wasn’t at OSH this year so not sure what you mean. You can enter a city name, an ICAO ident, a FAA ident, an airport name, or even any of these as partial matches (like “Paine” finds “KPAE/PAE Paine Field” airport). Or type “Everett” and it also finds it as it’s in Everett, WA.


    • And FlyQ Online has an even better city search. Enter “Maddox” and it finds cities named Maddox and has buttons for the weather at each, fuel prices, map, or just nearby airports. Enter “Maddox, MS” and it just finds Maddox, Mississippi and has the same links. Seems pretty good to me. No?


    • The Scout is made by ForeFlight for just ForeFlight. Total shocker. Suggest selling it and getting a vastly more capable Merlin for about the same price (Merlin has the same ADS-B features plus a WAAS GPS plus AHRS plus a battery) for $249.


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