National Voting Registration Day


Have you used Google today?  The image above is their page today because it’s National Voter Registration day (as determined by the US Election Assistance Commission) .  This seems like a good thing to encourage as only about 55% of those eligible to vote actually do so.  Having an 18 year old son myself, who will be voting for the first time in November, we’ve recently had discussions about why voting is important, how every vote counts, etc., so I thought the Google push to register especially timely.

The Google link to “register today” looks totally non-partisan and includes info to help you register, learn where to vote, understand the voting ID laws in your state, and more.  There are similar sites that are also non-partisan from, at, and probably more.  Doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green Party, Bull Moose, Whig, Tory, pro-Empire, Rebel Alliance, whatever.


6 thoughts on “National Voting Registration Day

  1. Good reminder, Steve.
    One can, indeed talk about politics and not be partisan.
    If we all voted, we’d have more of a right to complain than many do now.
    We have a right NOT to vote, but IMHO we give up the legitimacy of our complaints about our government if we don’t bother.
    Vote, or stay quiet.

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    • Totally fine, Bob, but National Voter Registration day is something that the US Election Assistance Committee (part of the Federal government) is promoting. The four EAC commissioners are appointed by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Many organizations and companies (such as Google) also thought it was a good idea to work with the government on this in a totally non-partisan way. I don’t think there was any political message here except that more people participating in government by voting is a good thing. In terms of Seattle Avionics, this post was from me (hence my name) not the company, and we’ll be back to describing new FlyQ EFB version 3.2.1 the moment Apple approves it. The videos are already posted on now


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