FlyQ EFB 3.3 Released!

Although it was just 3 weeks ago that we released FlyQ EFB 3.2.1 with our exclusive Buddy List, we’re very pleased to announced that version 3.3 is now available.

V 3.2.1 was mostly about fixing a number of long standing issues in the app.  V 3.3 is mostly about substantially improving performance and massively increasing battery life (by at least 2x over previous releases!).  You’ll see this difference immediately and notice that your iPad or iPhone is not getting hot, as it once did.

But I said “mostly”….


V 3.3 also adds one of the most frequently requested features: animated radar.  And it’s lovely!  Take a look at a video (no audio) that we made during development.  To enable it,  just select Radar (Anim) from the Layers list (tap the “stack of paper” icon on the map).

We also fixed some bugs that were in 3.2.1, most notably a startup crash that some of you saw, especially when using iOS 12.  We also improved on the ADS-B target display we added in 3.2.1 by adding a switch to hide stationary targets (generally ground traffic)  and adding an option in Settings to disable the new “tap to see ADS-B target details” if you don’t find the feature useful.

Important note about iOS 12:  iOS 12 and 12.0.1 have a bug in one of the core Apple systems that causes a substantial memory leak.  For FlyQ EFB, this is most obvious when downloading lots of states in the ChartData Manager portion of the app.  Depending on how old your iPad/iPhone is, you may be able to download between 20% and 80% of country before the leak becomes bad enough to kill the app.  In the iOS 12.1 beta that we’ve been testing, Apple has fixed or dramatically reduced the bug.  We don’t have inside knowledge but the rumor mill suggest that iOS 12.1 will be released in a week or two.  We’ll keep you posted.

To upgrade to version 3.3 from an existing iPad or iPhone installation:

Go to the App Store icon on your iPad or iPhone and select the Updates tab.  Click the Update button next to FlyQ EFB.  Note:  If your device is set to automatically update apps, you may see an Open button rather than Update because the new version has already been installed.

Note:  If you don’t see version 3.3 available, please kill and restart the App Store or turn your device off then back on.

To download version 3.3 to a new iPad or iPhone:

Go to the App Store icon on your iPhone or iPad, select the Search tab, enter FlyQ EFB.

What’s New in 3.3

  • ADDED: Substantially improved performance
  • ADDED: Animated radar layer (Internet radar only)
  • ADDED: 2x better battery life and lower heat
  • ADDED: Switch to hide stationary (usually ground-based) ADS-B targets
  • ADDED: Switch to disable map tap to display detailed ADS-B target info
  • CHANGED: ADS-B target details says “Altitude” when it’s really Pressure Altitude
  • FIXED: Startup crash for some users
  • FIXED: iPhone: Redundant items in Settings
  • FIXED: ChartData Manager does not download new Setionals and IFR Low/High charts until the new cycle starts
  • FIXED: Turning Surface Winds on or off for a given airport does not stick for subsequent airports
  • FIXED: The ADS-B details popup does not exclude the target specified in “Tail number to ignore”
  • FIXED: ADS-B Connect/Disconnect banners still have too little contrast against some backgrounds
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Slow memory leak in the ChartData Manager when using iOS 12.0 and 12.0.1. Note: This is an Apple bug that they appear to have fixed for iOS 12.1.

Oct. 11, 2018 ChartData Released

The next FAA data cycle begins next Thursday, October 11, 2018.  We try to release ChartData the Friday before the new cycle starts.  As that’s today, the new data is now ready for download.  However, be sure not to fly with this data until October 11.

Important notes for FlyQ EFB user:  Please do not download this new data if you plan to fly before next Thursday as the app does not currently (hint hint) have any concept of “current” versus “next” data cycle.  However, FlyQ EFB downloads TFRs, fuel prices, and weather automatically so rest assured that this data will always be current even without doing a manual update

One note:  FlyQ has two different ways to download map tiles.  One, let’s call it “on-demand” loading, loads map tiles dynamically when you’re connected to the Internet as you move or zoom the map.  The second method, call it “pre-loaded,” means that you can use the ChartData Manager portion of the app to download all the data for selected states before you fly.  In that way, you can use those maps even when you’re not connected to the Internet (like flying).  For this data cycle, we tweaked the way the pre-loaded system works for states that border the Atlantic or Pacific.  Previously, the pre-loaded state packages did not include areas offshore from each state; now they do.  This should be helpful to pilots who fly in these areas although even without the fix, you could still download those offshore areas by manually zooming and panning the map over those areas.  This change applies to the Sectionals just released this cycle.  We also went back and re-processed the IFR Low and High charts (which did not expire this cycle) so new downloads of these chart types will also reflect the expanded coverage areas.  If you already downloaded the current High and Low charts and want to the new files, please delete the existing files then re-download.  In FlyQ EFB, do this by tapping the down arrow icon at the top of the screen to show the ChartData Manager, tap Delete all IFR low (or high) altitude data, then tap Update Now.

European data will be available shortly.  Australian data is unchanged since last cycle.

If you’re using another data provider, check with them about availability.

Also, read this terrific post from Keith R if you use our ChartData Manager application for Windows to update your data.  It explains how to automatically download data and even copy data to a card or USB memory stick without any clicks!  No need to sit there and wait for data to download or copy.

If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to update your ChartData before you fly.

  • In FlyQ EFB:  Tap the ChartData Manager icon (the “down arrow” icon), review which states you have selected, then tap Update Now.
  • In FlyQ InSight or FlyQ Pocket: Select the Downloads tab on the bottom of the screen and tap Update Now.
  • In FlyQ Online:  Nothing to download.  Just go to and the new data is automatically used when the new cycle begins on Thursday (but not before).
  • For apps and devices that use our Data Manager, run the ChartData Manager (or select Settings from the little icon at the lower right corner of your Windows screen) and tap Update Now.
  • In Voyager, select Update Data from the Tools menu then choose the All Monthly ChartData item.

If you need to renew your subscription, click the appropriate link below:

Note that FlyQ Online (our Web-based flight planner) ChartData is enabled automatically on the day the new cycle begins (next Thursday) so what you see is always the current, legal data.  Unlike data for our apps and devices, we do not release FlyQ Online ChartData ahead of time since there is nothing to download.