Red Barn

FlyQ EFB version 4.0 has a code-name: Red Barn.


In case you’re not familiar with Boeing history, the Red Barn is the name of the first Boeing building.  You can visit it at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

The Red Barn changed how people thought of aviation.  That’s why we though it an appropriate name for FlyQ EFB v 4.0.

V4 is most definitely NOT about adding a little feature or two…


12 thoughts on “Red Barn

  1. Am I the only one that is SO TIRED of your grand announcements??

    Just because we CAN… is that really sufficient reason??

    Yawn (I’m still trying to get quick and accurate down loads of IFR plates).

    More whistles and bells for VFR pilots?? Maybe I’m with the wrong vendor.

    Jon Addison


    • We introduced some very grand things lately, Jon — Slingshot totally wireless data transfer to in-panel devices (mostly for IFR pilots), Augmented Reality (for both IFR and VFR pilots) and more. This is a huge release that we think everyone will love as it has several aspects that are unlike every other aviation app in existence — some will appeal to thousand-hours a year IFR pilots, some to weekend VFR flyers.

      In terms of downloads … if you’re having a problem (which is NOT something we’re hearing), please be sure you have the current version (3.3.1) and then contact Also, I have no idea what you mean by “accurate” as our data is DO-200A certified, unlike the data used in all other iPad/iPhone apps. If the question is about the dates on the side of the plates — please refer to the link below which explains why those dates are meaningless:—FlyQ-EFB–Augmented-Reality–iOS-10-3-2.html?soid=1102176322542&aid=UZ-6VEb4z4c


  2. Flyq is a great product. There is nothing to complain about. This product is near if not perfect. Not sure what 4.0 can do that will vastly improve the product but the Flyq people seem very excited so I am too. One thing that would be a help is an automatic editable digital logbook.

    Jon, I think you are the only one that is tired of announcements of improvements. With your attitude towards this product you shouldn’t boast about how much it’s dislike with and suggest the product isn’t for you. You should just go with another vendor.

    Having purchased Flyq but not having flown yet with it by last Black Friday I didn’t realize how great Flyq was otherwise I’d taken advantage of that promotion. I dare you to offer that same promotion again! I’d be all over it.


  3. I sure can’t wait to see what is new in V 4.0. I have always been very happy with the great support and constant stream of improvements Fly Q brings to the table. Looking forward to the 19th !


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