FlyQ EFB Passes Garmin Pilot

We could sense it for a while but now it’s official! FlyQ EFB has pulled ahead of Garmin Pilot in terms of market share.



AOPA did a survey a few weeks ago asking people which mobile app they use.  ForeFlight was #1 with just over half the market and FlyQ EFB was the #2 paid-for app behind it.  Garmin Pilot was #4 — behind the generic Other category.

And, of course, FlyQ EFB has been the #1 rated major aviation in the App Store for 4 years: FlyQ EFB: 4.4, ForeFlight: 4.2, FltPlan Go: 3.9, WingX: 3.8, Garmin Pilot: 3.6

Full disclosure: FltPlan Go was 1% ahead of FlyQ EFB in the survey but we think it’s because the AOPA question specifically asked about mobile flight planning and lots of people use free to plan then fly with other apps.  That’s also why the table above specifically says “Paid-For App.”

12 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB Passes Garmin Pilot

  1. Congratulations to you and your entire talented team. Just takes some people a little longer to find the cream of the crop.

    Peter Horn.


  2. Congratulations Steve and Crew. I have been a customer since the old flip screen mini laptops. I have always been far more impressed with your innovations than those of your competitors. Keep up the good work and I cannot wait to see your new developments!!!

    John Stackhouse


  3. Hi Steve; as a former Forflight subscriber, I’m still in the process of adapting to FLYQ . With that said,
    You guys might think about MOS ( can be of value at smaller apts) also a graphic depiction of cloud tops. Good Luck.


    • Hi Roy. Cloud tops is cool. We have them in our old Voyager app for Window and do plan to add it to FlyQ EFB in the near future. FlyQ Online already has Ceilings, btw (not the same, I know, but useful) and a whole lot of other weather features that no iPad app has. See

      I have only glanced at MOS but I admit that the use baffles me for most airports. If I have the choice between seeing a TAF or METAR for an airport that is 15 miles away from the airport in question that doesn’t have one of its own OR look at some computer model of it, I’m taking the nearby airport every time unless there is some geographic reason (mountain, large body of water, etc.) that would make the nearby airport a poor proxy. That said, it doesn’t mean we won’t add it.


  4. Keep up the great work Steve! I really like the animated radar feature.

    I do not know if this is possible, but one thing that would make it even better would be a time stamp on the animation. As is, the animation shows me trends and development. But without a time stamp, I can’t get a clear picture of how fast something is moving. Plotted pireps would be another great addition. One last suggestion would be to change IFR flight planning to show victor airways instead of fixes.



    • Thanks for the kind words and the suggestions, Ed. We do plan to put the time range on the map somewhere (not the time for each slice because it would be on screen too brief to easily read). PIREPs are in FlyQ Online right now (and TONS of other wx not in EFB yet). And yes, reducing the plans down to V or J would definitely help but isn’t trivial. On our list of things to add.

      Keep ’em coming!



    • I really like the Radar Animation and I agree with Ed about adding some kind of time stamp to be able to evaluate the radar trends would be very helpful.

      Steve, my thanks to your guys/girls on building this great Fly Q EFB app, keep working hard and no days off over the holidays, HA !



  5. Cloud tops are available thru ads b in it would be awesome to have like me foreflight and voyager with the ability to scroll the altitude. A compass rose would also be a great addition…. Other than that you guys have just about everything else well covered, and great ease of use while flying too
    Great job keep em coming


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