Red Barn Patent Filed!

A few minutes ago, the US Patent & Trademark Office graciously accepted our patent application for the inventions related to FlyQ EFB 4.0 – “Red Barn.”


Hope to see everyone next Monday when I demonstrate and announce the details of Red Barn.  If you haven’t already done so, sign up for the free webinar now as the space is limited due to 3rd party technology constraints.


12 thoughts on “Red Barn Patent Filed!

  1. I would really love to join you Monday. However, my daughter coming into town for week and I don’t want to miss my time with her. Hope it is being recorded and I can see later.

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    • We’ll definitely try but can’t guarantee it. And I fully agree that spending time w/ your daughter easily beats watching a webinar. With one of my kids being a high school senior now, I’m already missing him.


  2. I absolutely LOVED what I saw in the webinar. This is going to be such a great tool for all aviation enthusiasts and will cover so many areas that I had thought would make FLYQ EFB better than Foreflight.
    Can’t wait to start using it.

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