InSight on Mars

As much as we’d like to take credit for putting the first Augmented Reality space probe on Mars, we have to tip our hats to the amazing men and women at NASA who managed the insanely difficult feat of soft landing a rocket-powered lander on Mars from 300 million miles away!

Welcome to Mars, InSight!  Fantastic job, NASA!


– Steve

2 thoughts on “InSight on Mars

  1. All you Tech-eez can trace some of your Cyber DNA in that lander! Keep up the good work Steve. I just ordered my LifeTime Sub for Dynon that pairs with my LifeTime VFR/IFR ipad app! I haven’t finished my homebuilt Sonex B yet but it’ll sport your product on my new Dynon Panel.

    I may not make it to Mars, but I don’t do well with dusty planets anyway. Merry Xmas.


    • Thanks for all of that, Robert! You will be VERY happy with something we expect to see from Dynon in the Spring — I know I’m looking forward to it but vowed not to spill their beans.

      I’m OK with dusty, it’s heat that kills me so maybe a quick Martian vacation is in my future?

      I think the most important thing that Mars missions like this do are to inspire young people to be scientists and engineers — like the space program did in the 60’s. The payoff from that, to the nation and the world, cannot be overstated.

      I love to celebrate when brains and hard work win. I watched the press conference that the scientists gave after the landing and it was incredibly fun to watch — normally buttoned-up, quiet people jumping around, awkwardly high-fiving each other was great to watch.

      Merry Christmas!


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