January 3, 2019 ChartData Released

The next FAA data cycle begins next Thursday, January 3, 2019.  We try to release ChartData the Friday before the new cycle starts but, given the holidays, we’re a few days later than usual.  As of now, the new data for the US and Europe is now ready for download. Australian data is unchanged this cycle.  However, be sure not to fly with this data until January 3.

If you’re using another data provider, check with them about availability.

Important notes for FlyQ EFB user:  Please do not download this new data if you plan to fly before next Thursday as the app does not currently (hint hint) have any concept of “current” versus “next” data cycle.  However, FlyQ EFB downloads TFRs, fuel prices, and weather automatically so rest assured that this data will always be current even without doing a manual update

Also, read this terrific post from Keith R if you use our ChartData Managerapplication for Windows to update your data.  It explains how to automatically download data and even copy data to a card or USB memory stick without any clicks!  No need to sit and wait for data to download or copy.

  • In FlyQ EFB:  Tap the ChartData Manager icon (the “down arrow” icon), review which states you have selected, then tap Update Now.
  • In FlyQ InSight or FlyQ Pocket: Select the Downloads tab on the bottom of the screen and tap Update Now.
  • In FlyQ Online:  Nothing to download.  Just go to https://flyq.seattleavionics.com and the new data is automatically used when the new cycle begins on Thursday (but not before).
  • For apps and devices that use our Data Manager, run the ChartData Manager (or select Settings from the little icon at the lower right corner of your Windows screen) and tap Update Now.
  • In Voyager, select Update Data from the Tools menu then choose the All Monthly ChartData item.

If you need to renew your subscription, click the appropriate link below:

Note that FlyQ Online (our Web-based flight planner) ChartData is enabled automatically on the day the new cycle begins (next Thursday) so what you see is always the current, legal data.  Unlike data for our apps and devices, we do not release FlyQ Online ChartData ahead of time since there is nothing to download.

2 thoughts on “January 3, 2019 ChartData Released

  1. Hi Steve,

    I have the Skyview Touch system and even with data updated with Data Manager, I still must go to the Dynon site and download their file. The download is normally just a second, so the only big deal is remembering to do it. Can you guys briefly explain why the dual source is necessary? And could you automate that process and incorporate into Data Manager?

    Really like my Skyview and FlyQ EFB.


    • Sure .. because the DM was designed to work with many different vendors and just supply the SA data not other data that devices use (can you imagine SA being allowed to provide Jepp data to systems, for example!). That said — part of our Slingshot Wireless system provides for combining SA data with 3rd party data so you just bring your iPad (with FlyQ) into the plane, hit a few buttons, and the SA data from FlyQ AND data as required from 3rd parties (like Dynon) are both magically sent over WiFi to the panel device. We’re working with Dynon now about this but I do not have anything specific to announce.


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