Closed due to snow

Seattle Avionics is closed today due to something that doesn’t happen too often here — up to 12 inches of snow falling in the last 18 hours.  It’s still snowing and the temperature is well below freezing (although not in the same universe as the cold much of the country has seen lately).  Many roads are packed with snow and ice so we don’t want folks driving into work as Seattlelites do not know how to drive in snow 😉

When possible, people are working from home but please do expect a delay to answering emails and such.


11 thoughts on “Closed due to snow

  1. And we in NC also don’t know how to drive in the snow and back in December just before Christmas we had 12” of snow, most I’ve ever seen here in my life and I’m 75 and lived here all my life. Stay in and stay warm. We are hitting over 70 F today!


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  2. Global warming twice now in the last 2 years


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  3. Steve,

    That’s a beautiful picture. I really like looking at pictures like this. After 40+ years in northern climes, I’m thrilled to be in Florida!

    Smart move to close down.

    Enjoy the white stuff, I’m sure your puppy is.


    Rick Weiss Port Orange, FL



    • Thanks Rick. Yes, there are downsides to living in beautiful Florida weather .. but not many. Thankfully, Seattle, although quite north, seldom seems the extremes of heat or cold that much of the rest of the US gets — that’s why this is so unusual! I think I read that we got as much snow today as we typically get in an entire winter. And yes, Maddox did enjoy it! He’s actually 13 but will always look at and act like a puppy!


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