New iPad Mini!

Apparently the reports of its death were premature — Apple has (finally) released a new iPad mini.

The new mini has a vastly newer (more powerful) CPU that leapfrogs the standard iPad with the same performance as the new iPad Air (also just announced) and just a smidge (technical term) less than the iPad Pro.  It also costs more than the standard iPad, naturally 😉

For more technical and pricing details, see:


14 thoughts on “New iPad Mini!

  1. Good to hear!!

    No room in my cockpit (RV4) for a full-size iPad. I’ve been using the mini ever since it was developed.
    Perfect size for cramped quarters.

    Although I haven’t looked at a side-by-side dimension comparison yet, it appears that the standard Apple cover/case will fit the Mini 4 & 5,,
    So hopefully my Ram Mount will fit it too

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  2. Since non-cell version indicates geo-tagging for photo & video, doe this mean that GPS chip is built into it or still have to buy a cellular version (& no cell service) for GPS? Has SA has tested both types?

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  3. I don’t know if the units are even available yet so, no, we have not tested them. I strongly doubt that the WiFi only model has a GPS, however, as the GPS has always been built into the cell chip. More likely, it just means it uses WiFi location estimation to geo-tag. A good way to go is to get the WiFi version then add a Merlin or other ADS-B receiver that includes a better WAAS GPS.


  4. Thanks for the update Steve. Just purchased online to upgrade from an iPad 3. Can’t imagine flying the cockpit without an iPad and FlyQ, and ads-b. These are all valuable tools that make us better, safer pilots.

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  5. I fly with FlyQ and an Ipad Mini4 and it works well. Not sure if I will move up to this new one yet or not.
    I do have one problem with FlyQ on the Mini though.
    Even though the Mini 4 screen is brighter than previous mini’s, in bright daylight, the icons along the bottom (Airports, Weather, Plans, etc) are very small and the gray color makes them just about impossible to see.
    The selected one is nice (Blue).
    Any chance that the unselected icons could be made a nice bright yellow or red or whatever? Anything but gray !!!

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    • Good point. And iOS 12 makes the problem worse because the standard tab bar control (the tabs at the bottom fo the screen) are substantially smaller than they were before. I have not seen the new mini yet but the specs for screen brightness look slightly better. We’ll give your suggestion some thought!


    • You’re absolutely right! I forgot about that .. which perhaps is the point. I use the one on my phone fairly often but I don’t remember ever using the iPad and getting annoyed that it didn’t have a calculator. Besides, as I’m sure you know, you can download any number of calculator apps. In fact, I think I put one on my iPad and yet, as I said, I don’t remember ever actually needing it! Still seems stupid, though.


  6. Steve — I can’t find the list of ADS-B receivers that are compatible with FlyQ.  Help!  I need to get one quickly.



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