Welcome to FlyQ! Training Materials

New to FlyQ or just want to learn more?  We’ve created a list of materials that will get you up and flying in no time.

70+ Videos on YouTube

Seattle Avionics has more than 70 videos on YouTube. We suggest starting with The Basics then reviewing the others in the 7 Day Challenge series. They’re mostly 5-10 minutes long, each based on specific topics.

The Pilot’s Guide

FlyQ comes with an extensive Pilot’s Guide that details every function. It’s pre-loaded into FlyQ’s Documents tab or you can download and read it here.

Advanced Features

FlyQ has a lot of powerful and unique features. They’re all detailed in the Pilot’s Guide and most have a video. Just a few examples (and many more on YouTube):

ADS-B / MFD Support

FlyQ EFB works with more in-panel MFDs and ADS-B systems than anyone else so you’re never locked into one system: Dynon, Avidyne, Aspen MFDs, our Merlin and more than 12 portable ADS-B receivers including the Stratus 3 and Stratux systems, and certified, 2020-compliant ADS-B systems  BendixKing, FreeFlight, L-3 Lynx). Even use a Garmin GTX 345 by adding a $150 device.  Click to see our complete list of supported systems.

Have a Stratus 1 or 2? Or Scout? We suggest selling it on eBay then purchasing one of the above units that don’t lock you into any particular app. Pro tip: You’ll likely make money by selling an old Stratus for more than it costs to buy a Merlin, Stratux, or other system!

What’s New?

We update FlyQ often to add new features, make it easier, fix issues, etc. Each major release comes with a video that explains everything that’s new. If you’ve never used FlyQ or haven’t used it in a while, we suggest watching some of the What’s New videos to catch up.

Plan on your PC or Mac

FlyQ Online is a Web-based flight planner for your PC and Mac (not iPad) with exceptional “4D” weather that uses a timeline to see how weather will change during your flight. Watch the video for a quick tour. Plan flights on your large screen PC with a mouse and keyboard and see them automatically appear on your iPad.

More Tips and Tricks

8 thoughts on “Welcome to FlyQ! Training Materials

  1. Nice review of an impressive set of materials. Even though I’ve used FlyQ for several years, I still have some tings to learn about the special features.

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  2. […] We’d like to extend a very special welcome to the many new users that joined the Seattle Avionics family in the past two weeks. We just completed a week of live Webinars to help get new FlyQ users up to speed. Click to watch replays of the Intro and Advanced presentations or watch any of the other 70+ videos we have on YouTube. Or learn more about FlyQ from our new Welcome to FlyQ page. […]


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