Welcome to FlyQ! Training Materials

New to FlyQ or just want to learn more?  We’ve created a list of materials that will get you up and flying in no time.

70+ Videos on YouTube

Seattle Avionics has more than 70 videos on YouTube. We suggest starting with The Basics then reviewing the others in the 7 Day Challenge series. They’re mostly 5-10 minutes long, each based on specific topics.

The Pilot’s Guide

FlyQ comes with an extensive Pilot’s Guide that details every function. It’s pre-loaded into FlyQ’s Documents tab or you can download and read it here.

Advanced Features

FlyQ has a lot of powerful and unique features. They’re all detailed in the Pilot’s Guide and most have a video. Just a few examples (and many more on YouTube):

ADS-B / MFD Support

FlyQ EFB works with more in-panel MFDs and ADS-B systems than anyone else so you’re never locked into one system: Dynon, Avidyne, Aspen MFDs, our Merlin and more than 12 portable ADS-B receivers including the Stratus 3 and Stratux systems, and certified, 2020-compliant ADS-B systems  BendixKing, FreeFlight, L-3 Lynx). Even use a Garmin GTX 345 by adding a $150 device.  Click to see our complete list of supported systems.

Have a Stratus 1 or 2? Or Scout? We suggest selling it on eBay then purchasing one of the above units that don’t lock you into any particular app. Pro tip: You’ll likely make money by selling an old Stratus for more than it costs to buy a Merlin, Stratux, or other system!

What’s New?

We update FlyQ often to add new features, make it easier, fix issues, etc. Each major release comes with a video that explains everything that’s new. If you’ve never used FlyQ or haven’t used it in a while, we suggest watching some of the What’s New videos to catch up.

Plan on your PC or Mac

FlyQ Online is a Web-based flight planner for your PC and Mac (not iPad) with exceptional “4D” weather that uses a timeline to see how weather will change during your flight. Watch the video for a quick tour. Plan flights on your large screen PC with a mouse and keyboard and see them automatically appear on your iPad.

More Tips and Tricks

11 thoughts on “Welcome to FlyQ! Training Materials

  1. Nice review of an impressive set of materials. Even though I’ve used FlyQ for several years, I still have some tings to learn about the special features.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] We’d like to extend a very special welcome to the many new users that joined the Seattle Avionics family in the past two weeks. We just completed a week of live Webinars to help get new FlyQ users up to speed. Click to watch replays of the Intro and Advanced presentations or watch any of the other 70+ videos we have on YouTube. Or learn more about FlyQ from our new Welcome to FlyQ page. […]


  3. Hi Steve!

    I’m one of your lifers but am still confused on your relationship with Avidyne. I have a 440 and use the IFD 100 app with IPad. Is there a way to load flightplan from FlyQ directly to 440? Everything seems t be for foreflight not flyQ. Maybe you can give me the real scoop!

    Jamie Crandall


    • Easy! When the FP screen is open in FlyQ, tap the “Action” button (box with an arrow) and click Send to Avidyne. Also, unlike ForeFlight, if you have a complete ADS-B system connected to your IFD, we’ll take the ADS-B feed from the IFD and display it on FlyQ. We do have one bug, however, in that sending a FP from the IFD to FlyQ doesn’t usually work. That’s high on our list of things to fix in the release just after 4.0 ships.


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