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As you may have heard, ForeFlight just made what they called “major enhancements” to their Documents feature — added nested folders, auto-synch, and iPhone support.  Great features!  We should know as we’ve had all of these since we introduced our Documents feature several years ago 😉  See:


This includes more than 200 FAA documents but it also includes many created by Seattle Avionics. For example, we make a “Margin Note” document for every Sectional which breaks-out the info that the FAA puts on the sides and bottom of each Sectional.


We also have a way to create your own custom groups of private documents that are shared with just the people you want to see them.  Very useful for the folks with whom you share a plane — a flying club, corporate flight department, etc.  You can create and manage custom groups, documents, and users from FlyQ Online.  See:

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 12.17.37 PMScreen Shot 2019-04-29 at 12.17.46 PM




8 thoughts on “Documents in FlyQ

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Steve on how flexible our FlyQ Document section really is. I love that we can have layers of folders for the doc’s… still not possible with FF.

    But, more importantly (for us Avidyne users of FlyQ)… When will FlyQ finally be able to synchronize flight plans to/from our IFD540’s? Very frustrating waiting for a fix…

    Tom W.


    • Hi Tom. Thanks for the kind words. You can send plans to the IFD now. We’re still trying to figure out why you can’t receive plans from the unit since their last s/w update. It’s on our list of things to do (high, actually) but we need to ship v 4.0 first. That goes into beta today or tomorrow so hopefully not too long. it is really, really, really hard to debug IFD issues, however.


  2. All good stuff!

    But the one enhancement I’d like to see is a “Search” feature for the different types of document files, especially PDF and Word.


  3. It would be really great if you all would also add the ability to do weight and balance. I have asked this befor and while you add some geeweez stuff you have not gotten to the issue of weight and balance. ForeFlight has that within their app and if you are not at your dest top you have to do in manually.


    • W&B is definitely on the list. We had it in our old Windows app (Voyager) so we get it. But v4 is all about the logbook as it had far more customer requests than W&B. When adding features, we take 3 things into account: 1. Frequency of customer requests 2. New and different things to make flying easier, safer, or more fun 3. Necessity of feature being baked into the app rather than just momentarily toggle to another app (like Excel or Numbers in the case of W&B). And we always look and and fix bugs, of course.


  4. Hi Steve,

    I created a flight plan on my iPad and I have not figured out how to get it to my iPhone or to the web. I think one way might be to put the flight plan into Skyview from iPad and then pull from Skyview to iPhone. However, since Skyview does not have altitudes in flight plans, I don’t guess that will work 100%.

    I have suggested that Skyview put altitudes in flight plans and let AP do vnav with them. I also think they should let you use approaches and leave to pilot not to fly them in IMC. Don’t know if they are considering those changes or not.

    Thanks for a wonderful tool!

    Joe Hopwood PO Box 1034

    Magnolia Spring, AL 36555

    Cell 251-223-2544 ______|______ –(+)– ” ” “


    • Hi Joe. Just be sure to use the same email address on all the systems. That said, if you rubber-band a plan in FlyQ EFB, it won’t sync with the other systems. Something we need to address soon (design issue, not a bug, per se). But you can modify a plan all day on FlyQ Online or FlyQ InSight and it syncs with FlyQ EFB.


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