FlyQ EFB v 4.0 Beta Released!

We are VERY happy to announce that FlyQ EFB 4.0 beta has just been released to our external beta testers.  It was a long time coming but now folks have see what we’ve been doing for so long.  Fun fact: the new features added nearly 30 pages to the revised Pilot’s Guide (start at page 106 for the new features).  As the old Guide was about 150 pages, that should give some sense of how much we just added.

What is FlyQ EFB 4.0?
The changes in version 4.0 can best be described as adding a whole new concept of a visual logbook integrated with a totally unique, pilot-only, social network.  It also has fantastic features for CFIs and their students because of these two other features.  That’s a lot to consider all at once so let’s break those things down.

1.  Visual Logbook
The visual logbook is a standard pilot logbook that accepts auto-generated entries from the built-in data recorder, manual data entry, or by importing logs from other systems.  It shows lists of flights, allows extensive filtering and time period selection, performs detailed post-flight analysis, generates text and graphics-based reports, and lets you “play” flights from within FlyQ EFB or export them to other systems.  It also includes a unique visual feature that uses a color-coded “heatmap” to show the airports you’ve flown to or from and the frequency of each airport.

2.  Squawk Network – a private, pilots-only network
No cat photos or politics allowed!  This network could be thought of as a way to share your logbook with your friends or between CFI’s and student pilots.  It lets you see, on a map or in a list view, where you friends are flying, ask them questions about their flights, and give them a thumbs up for a great flight.  This is completely optional, of course, and you can select whichever privacy level you prefer, including keeping your flights strictly private.

3.  CFI/Student Pilot Features
The Squawk Network makes it easy for CFI’s to follow their students’ flights.  The new Endorsement feature makes it very easy for a CFI to grant endorsements to students from the comfort of their own home or office (due to Squawk) or directly from a student’s iPad / iPhone.


9 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB v 4.0 Beta Released!

  1. Steve, I’m running an older IPad 4 with satisfactory performance. Is there anything with version 4 that requires more computing power than the current version?


    • Well … dunno. We stopped using iPad 4’s for tradeshows a year or two ago. I don’t know if the performance will be worse but it certainly will not be better. I don’t know if the test folks have explictly tried that device but we test on similar devices like an iPad Mini 2. Not great but basically works. The main thing is actually the amount of RAM in the device as that’s what causes crashes on older devices.


    • Hopefully fast but it is a massive upgrade that touches a lot of the systems. We definitely will release a Beta 2 this week that should be close to final .. but, again, depends on the testing.


  2. Currently, the flight recorder shows an accurate amount of time for a flight if I leave and return to the same airport with no stops along the way, but it shows a distance of 0nm. Will the new version show the total distance of the flight rather than just the “point to point” distance from takeoff to landing?


    • It has never used point-to-point distance; it sums each lat/lon point along the way, sampled once per second. If you don’t see this now, please contact They’ll ask you to send them a log file if you’re using an ADS-B receiver. If you’re using an IPad’s built-in GPS, that might explain it as it’s kinda wonky for a lot of people (myself included).


  3. Looking forward to “importing” external digital logbook – how is this done? I can’t seem to find a path for this in the new Beta v4.0?

    Tom W.


    • Will be done via FlyQ Online. Not there yet. We’re collecting sample logs to ready the system. If you’re using some other logbook app, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email an export file (the method to export is dependent on the system but all seem to have one) to so we can make sure it works.


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