Wow! Name Suggestions Galore

About 90 minutes ago, we sent out a very short newsletter that mentioned that FlyQ EFB 4.0 was in beta.  It also asked for naming suggestions for the feature in EFB 4.0 that connects pilots together to share flights and such (the “Squawk Network” in the beta Pilot’s Guide) and had one sentence that mentioned that folks could email us to be on the beta list.

In 16 years of making aviation software, I have NEVER seen a response like this before.  During those 90 minutes, we received something like 200 messages with suggested names (many of those messages suggesting several names) and scores of people asking to be on the beta.  VASTLY more than anything we’ve seen with any previous new version.  I’m sure that the offer of a free iPad mini 5 to the winner had something to do with it but not all of it.

Thanks to everyone who suggested a name or asked to be on the beta.  We will surely be reviewing the suggested names for some time as we’ve already seen many great ones.  Pilots are, apparently, a very insightful and creative lot.

Nice way to end the week 😉

Have a great weekend, everyone!  And keep the name suggestions coming to!




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