FlyQ EFB 4.0 Beta 2 has wheels up

We released the second beta for FlyQ EFB 4.0 last night.  It fixed a number of bugs, many of which are related to the ChartData Manager portion of the app.  In the 4.0 release, we very dramatically enhanced the verification of downloaded data and added better automatic retries when a data file isn’t downloaded properly or doesn’t pass verification. These new checks are really, really good things to do but did, not surprisingly, create some problems, esp. when updating from an older app.  These were really hard to track down and fix issues.  We believe this beta addressed those issues and many more.

The next beta should be very quick, possibly later this week, and will address many other bugs, about 1/2 of which are in the new features and 1/2 in the currently shipping app.

Changes in Beta 2:

  • FIXED: Flight Recorder: Flights often broken into multiple pieces (this also implicitly addressed issues of the ident assigned by the recorder for takeoff and landing airports being less than ideal)
  • FIXED: Flight Recorder: Pop-up message about continuing a flight is annoying
  • FIXED: Data Manager: Airports may become missing from the nav database
  • FIXED: Data Manager: Very slow to display states
  • FIXED: Data Manager: Large memory spikes may cause a crash
  • FIXED: Data Manager: Memory leak makes it impossible to load all states at once on most devices
  • FIXED: Data Manager: Incorrectly displays A/FD’s as expired
  • FIXED: Mapping engine: Maps may appear blurry even if downloaded when using expired data
  • FIXED: Sports TFR text out of date
  • FIXED: Endorsements may disappear until scolled into view
  • FIXED: Search filter ignored after a synch
  • FIXED: Airport tab icon wrong on iPhone
  • FIXED: Action button missing on full-screen Analysis images
  • FIXED: ‘Track Image’ should not be inserted as default photo comment
  • FIXED: Various problems with Flight Descriptions
  • FIXED: Flight list does not scroll to top when switching betweek Flight Following and My Flights
  • FIXED: Crash with uAvionics ADS-B receivers after firmware update.
  • FIXED: Many other minor issues

More info:

19 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB 4.0 Beta 2 has wheels up

  1. Steve, Thanks so much for continuing to improve FlyQ. I use it constantly. I have asked this before, but have not gotten a definitive answer: Will the new pilot log be able to use data from the old FlightSoft pilot log program? Thanks, Joe

    Joseph M. Saloom, Esq. P.O. Box 1617 Auburn, AL  36831

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  2. Steve, I have an IPad 4 and a 6th gen that I run side by side. The 6th gen crashes several times during my 70 minute flight that I do 2 to 3 times a week for my commute to work. I also get the “lost communication “ pop up. I think your beta version has fixed these issues. Will the new version be out soon?

    Ray Z

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    • Hi Ray. Which ADS-B system do you use? if it’s the uAvionics device, yes, we think we fixed it (for the record, they re-used someone else’d ID # for a data field so FlyQ tried parsing it as per the data it expected for the other device that used that ID. We added additional checks to guard against that).


  3. Has this Beta version fixed the displayed colors in the GRT flight data version? I talked to Keith at Oshkosh 2019 about this. The colors are washed out. Might be GRTs problem.

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  4. I downloaded the FlyQ 4.0 Beta 2 this AM. Now when I tried to upload the most recent revisions it won’t take them. When I use “update now” I get a note indicating “Uploads Complete”, however all of the states I use are “Red”.

    Can I reload the older version 3.3.1 (13) & run it separately from the Beta version so I can still fly legally.

    Please let me know how to resolve this issue.

    I am flying tomorrow 5/23/19.

    Best Regards,

    C W “Chuck” Roelen 435-619-7300



    • Hi Chuck. Please immediately double-tap ANY red state and send a screenshot of the details page that pops up and send that to Also .. please enter the following in the Search box: ADSB LOGSEND then select the Generic entry in the list and send that to the same email address. Someone will get back to you today.


    • Steve,
      Here’s what happens for me when I attempt an Update when seeing out of date red state indication:
      1. Click “Update Now”
      2. The update appears to start as I see “Verify TFR’s”
      3. The status bar just barely starts as it appears to be verifying TFRs then stops and kick me back to the image of my out of date red state map.
      4. After maybe ten seconds it, without any input from me, it repeats what I described above in #3.
      5. Again after 5 or 10 seconds it kicks me back to the red state image indicating the out of date states and a “Download Complete” message in the white block pops up with all the red states still indicating an update is required.
      I hope this helps.
      503 851-8700


    • Hi Bryan, Definitely taking longer than we’d like but I think we’ll have an RC (Release Candidate) build on Friday or Monday. That means features done and just fixing any major bugs that we or the beta testers find.


      • Hi Steve,

        Any updates on the update? Also, thank you to tech support for helping me on an issue I has a few months ago regarding FlyQ 3.3.1 crashing. It was a corrupted installation.

        Have a great week!



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