iOS 13 Beta. Just Say No.

While we are testing with the iOS 13 beta ourselves, we strongly suggest that mere mortals do not install beta operating systems on devices on which they rely.  If you do install the iOS beta, we make no assurance that you won’t have problems.  Please just wait for the official release; rest assured that even the final release will likely have a few bugs left for you to find 😉


6 thoughts on “iOS 13 Beta. Just Say No.

    • FlyQ EFB v4.0 has been in public beta testing for some time. If you’d like to be on the beta, just send the email you use for your Apple ID to and we can get you using it tomorrow.

      We’re putting the finishing touches on it now. One bug has been driving the team a bit crazy for the past 2 days but we expect more-or-less final version this Friday or thereabouts.


  1. Just adding my 2 cents in case anyone is playing around with iOS betas. My experience has been good with iOS 13 so far. I’m using beta 3 on an iPad mini 5 and most applications, including FlyQ EFB are working properly.

    In fact, I’m only here after downloading FlyQ to start a 30 day trial account. Normally I use Garmin Pilot, but that doesn’t work at all (it crashes almost immediately after launch). Since Garmin Pilot is a no-go for now I looked around for a replacement and found FlyQ. I’m very impressed so far and version 3.3.1 has been flawless on iOS 13. (It’s only been 24 hours and it hasn’t left the ground yet, but it’s great so far.)

    Have a great 4th of July.


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