FlyQ EFB 4.0 Released to Apple for Review

Time for the team to get some sleep…. 🙂

The app has been released to Apple for their review.  With some luck, they’ll approve it for public release in a day or two.

Special thanks to our hundreds of beta testers!  This has been the largest, most complex release we’ve made since version 1.0 and the longest beta test cycle ever.  All of you were tremendously helpful!

8 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB 4.0 Released to Apple for Review

  1. When released should Beta testers just update to that to make sure we are running without time bombs etc. and then start to beta the next bits when you have them pushed out or do you expect that you will have an active beta still going for fixes etc.

    Oh, and congratulations.

    Steve Masters Sent from Mail for Windows 10


    • Hi Steve. When Apple releases the app (which they HAVE NOT YET), we’ll email all beta testers about this and more. Basically, yes, the ’92 build is the same binary submitted to Apple for public review except they tag it somehow with an expiration date so you should install the one from the App Store. That said, we will certainly continue a beta cycle with version 4.0.1 and have a few bugs we know we’ll fix but surely some we don’t know about. Might even slip in a sexy but easy to implement feature.


  2. I finally have it in my hands and it is AWESOME!!

    Kudos to the entire FlyQ team. I can only imagine what a huge undertaking and update this big is for a small company like SA. It will take me quite a while to get the hang of all the new, but I’m looking forward to it.

    A couple issues with the logbook to which I don’t expect immediate answers:

    I used FlyQ to record a lot of X-Plane practice before I actually started flight training. Now that it is a real logbook, I want it to match my real-world flights and paper logbook.. I didn’t see anyway to have the SIM flights ignored, so I deleted all the SIM flights, and uploaded my MyFlightbook log via FlyQ Online. The totals shown now are accurate in the logbook, but the reports still include all of the deleted flights.

    1. Some of the dates imported 1day early. When I edit them, they appear corrected but after save but when repopened, the Bold date in the name is correct, but the date/time stamp date remains incorrect.
    2. Is there any way to do bulk edits?
    3. How can I truly zero/nuke my logbook and start over using MyFlightbook records and select imports from CloudAhoy?

    When the exhausted team has recovered from a well deserved rest, please let me know.


    • Thanks for the kind words and (yes!) issues you found, David. The deleted entries should obviously not be in your Logbook Report so we’ll have a look. There is a known bug (discovered yesterday) about a few problems changing a log entry date. I think we already have them fixed for the 4.0.1 release next week (just fixes). What do you mean in terms of bulk edits? You can delete all from FlyQ Online and we’re about to add some more selective delete features today or tomorrow to FlyQ Online. In terms of CloudAhoy — I didn’t realize they even had a logbook. Can you point me to something there that produces logbook exports?


      • Don’t you ever sleep lad!😉

        Sorry for the confusion, I only meant I have some of my training flights recorded in CloudAhoy that I want to export to FlyQ to replace the “data less ” entries from MyFlightbook. Perhaps when the smoke clears you might consider a means to select whether SIM flights are reflected in logbook totals. Thanks again for everything.


      • Lad? Oh now that wins me over! I’m 52! And yes, I do like to sleep but not this week 😉 Maybe by tomorrow night. What annoys me more than lack of sleep is lack of time to ride my bike in such nice weather 😉


      • Sorry for delayed reply, traveling.

        Confirming the deleted flights report issue is resolved.

        Follow up issues found and repeatable:

        1. Delete all from FlyQ Online
        2. Verify by using export button receive dialog 0 export
        3. Reboot iPad & iPhone
        4. Flights persist in EFB on 1 or both devices until manual delection on both devices and 1 or more additional reboots
        5. Re-import MyFlightbook log
        6. 1 item skipped as Exact Duplicate

        7. Manual entry of skipped record fails

        8. On 3rd attempt at flush re-import, FlyQ Online shows 16 of 17 imported (verified viewing export log). Only 5 records visible in efb on both devices.

        I’m going to hold off anymore testing of my likely outlier scenario until you get through 4.01 release. I’ll forward any additional through the support link vs blogs. No worries, there are always growing pains and you are quick on the draw with bugsmashing 😊

        Also FYI, I was totally wrong about being able to import old flight from CloudAhoy to FlyQ. You can only get KML out. Guess I was remembering going the other way. Won’t be an issue for the future since I now have a Bad Elf Pro so I’ll always have gpx to import to FlyQ and CloudAhoy.


    • Update: We fixed one of of the problems you observed — that Reports would show deleted flights. We should have caught that during testing. As a bonus, we also were annoyed at how long some reports were taking to run so sped them up by 500% or so. Hope that’s OK with you 😉


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