Oshkosh! First Presentation TODAY!

OSH AirVenture
Come see us in Oshkosh at Booth C-3089 (Hangar C) to learn about all our products, take advantage of our great show-only specials, or just meet the team.  We’ll also be giving several seminars during the week that cover topics near and dear to our hearts.  Come early for the best seating!
Seminar Schedule
July 23

1:00 PM

FlyQ EFB & Augmented Reality Forum Stage 2 – GAMA
July 25

8:30 AM

FlyQ EFB & Augmented Reality Forum Stage 6
July 26
2:30 PM
What’s New in FlyQ EFB 4.0 and Advanced FlyQ Forum Stage 10 – Poly Fiber Aircraft Coatings
All the talks are in the Forums area a little away from exhibit hangars.  Leave some time to walk there as it’s a bit of a hike.
What’s New in FlyQ EFB 4.0 and Advanced FlyQ EFB
Version 4.0 is a massive release that adds a powerful new dimension to your flying: Post-Flight Analysis.   This presentation goes over the 4 major aspects to that: Visual Logbook, Visual Flight Playback and Analysis Graphs, the Floq Network, and several CFI/Student Pilot features.  The presentation also covers other advanced features in FlyQ EFB.
Friday, July 26.  2:30 PM.  Forum Stage 10

Intro to FlyQ EFB and Augmented Reality
FlyQ EFB is the highest-rated major aviation app because it’s so easy to use. Our exclusive “Rule of 2” design philosophy means that all major functions are no more than 2 touches away so you fly the plane, not the iPad.  This presentation covers all the major features so you can download a free trial and get flying immediately!  Also covers the amazing and totally unique Augmented Reality feature which blends real-time video from your iPad or iPhone with computer-generated airport markers to clearly show airports even in the worst weather or the dark of night.
Tuesday, July 23.  1:00 PM.  Forum Stage 2.
Thursday, July 25, 8:30 AM.  Forum Stage 6.
– Seattle Avionics

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