FlyQ EFB 4.0 Released!

FlyQ EFB 4.0 is now available in the App Store!

What is FlyQ EFB 4.0?

Version 4.0 is our largest update ever.  It adds a powerful new dimension to your flying: Post-Flight Analysis.


To do this, we added a number of features that are individually powerful and incredible when combined including:



Patent-pending Floq Network to connect with friends, colleagues, and students


How to Get FlyQ EFB 4.0

If you already have FlyQ EFB on your iPad/iPhone:
1.  Go to the App Store on your device.
2.  Tap the Updates tab.
3.  Look for FlyQ EFB.
4.  If you see Open, it’s already downloaded and simply tap Open to fire it up.
5.  If you see Update, tap it to download then use Open when that appears.

If it’s not on your iPad or iPhone:
This is a GREAT time to use it for 30 days at no charge as we cleared all records of previous trials so you can try it again.
1.  If you’re reading this on an iPad or iPhone, just click here to download.  Otherwise…
2.  Go to the App Store on your iPad or iPhone.
3.  Search for FlyQ EFB 
4.  Click Get or Download.
FlyQ EFB 4.0 requires iOS 10 or later.  Older iPads and iPhones that do not support iOS 10 may continue to use FlyQ EFB 3.3.1 and will continue to get current ChartData every 28 days.

25 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB 4.0 Released!

  1. Just updated to 4.0.

    It wiped out my entire existing 50+ flight log book. OUCH! I was trying to keep that as I’m traveling and don’t have my physical log book. 😕

    Walt Baydo 253-691-7575 (cell)



    • Hi Paul. Providing you’re on a device running iOS 10 or later, you should see it as it’s been in the store for > 24 hours at this point. Search for “FlyQ EFB” They don’t have any concept of version # in Search.

      Alternately, if you had automatic updates ON, you’d still see it in Updates but would say “Open” not “Update.”


    • No idea. I would probably reboot the iPad; sometimes the App Store gets “stuck”. It’s DEFINITELY there and been downloaded by a whole lot of people. Be sure to look in the Updates tab, not just search for it.


  2. I didn’t waste my time rebooting but I downloaded IOS 12.4 and I immediately got version 4.0 to update on the App Store. Problem solved. I am sure others will have the same problem. FYI.


  3. Hi Steve As a long time user of FlyQ I have. a question about 4.0. Is the look and feel and keystrokes the same or do I have to learn a new set of user requirements. I might not care too much about the new stuff. I’m more interested in weather etc.


    Steve kravitz

    Sent from my iPad


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    • Hi Steve. First, please take a look at the videos — the feedback so far has been really positive about the Visual Logbook and other features. That said, you’ll have zero problems as all the new features are encapsulated in the new Flights tab and the new Notifications bell at the top of the app. You may have to adjust a tiny bit to Flights being where Plans used to be (Plans now after Map) but that’s about it. On an iPhone, btw, you can edit the tab order to what you like.


      • Steve,
        I disagree with your description of “adjust a tiny bit”. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve gone into the “Flights” tab when what I wanted is the “Plans” tab. One thing that drives me up the wall is when a software/app developer releases a new version, and the most notable thing about the new version is that you can’t find any of the stuff you use because they moved it as part of making the app new. Now moving the “Plans” tab is only one of the many things that could have moved, so I guess I should see this as a good thing. For me, FlyQ is primarily a tool to be used in flight, and switching back in forth between “Maps” and “Plans” is something I do while flying. Having to relearn where the “Plans” tab takes attention away from flying.

        The features added with the “Flights” tab are good additions, but to me they are secondary to an EFB’s primary function of providing the pilot necessary information while flying. It would be nice to have the primary functions grouped together, and then kept in the same places during app improvements so we don’t get tripped up by our human habit of doing the same things the same way.



      • Hi David,

        I’m sorry for the tab placement issue. We moved Flights to where Plans was because we wanted the same tab layout for the iPad and iPhone version and the iPhone would not have had enough to show Flights if it were to the right of the Map. You’re right that it did make for a bit of adjustment to muscle memory but it’s one to the right rather than one to the left of Maps now. I do understand that this will take some getting used to but we thought the tradeoff for discoverability on the iPhone was worth it. In the future, we may be able to add the ability to re-arrange tabs on the iPad, too, but it’s actually much harder because the tab Edit function is built into the iPhone OS but not the iPad OS. Also, since the iPad’s split screen function makes a lot of the “swap” logic harder for the iPad.


  4. Hi Paul. Absolutely do not see this and not aware of any similar reports. This was fixed in 3.3.1 as far as we know. One thing — the Rings (if based on Time not Distance) and Courseline layers don’t appear to be on UNLESS you are moving (because no speed so cannot calculate them) so if you’re testing at your desk w/o using the Sim, they won’t appear to work.

    I just tested the following scenarios and found no problems: iPad single screen landscape, iPad single screen portrait, iPad split landscape, iPad split portrait, iPhone. I tried all three of those layers all on and many combinations with just one or two. Worked flawlessly in all cases. Test procedure: Kill app. Turn on appropriate layers. Hit Home button then swipe to kill the app. Restart app. Tap Layers to confirm on or not.

    If you see a problem, please use your phone to record a video and send to


    • Hi Steve,

      Keith Russo has received numerous complaints from me concerning the loss of different layers, a great number of times, through the Tech Support connection. I have done your suggestions of killing the app and restarting, etc, over and over (to no avail) and I am very tired of the lack of concern from Seattle Avionics to this issue. Simply put it is a problem with FLY Q EFB. I had an original IPad mini and lost layers a great number of times. Keith kept saying it was a problem with my IPad, I finally relented and bought an IPad mini 4 and still lost layers, THERE WAS NO CHANGE !! Please help me.


  5. Held off updating due to flying to Airventure. Didn’t want to risk a new version on a long cross country. Updated today, and it seems to run well on my iPad Air 2. You guys were busy talking to people or I would have said “Hi.” Hope Oshkosh was good for you guys.


    • Smart move, Tom! I wasn’t there myself (too much to do back at the barn) but yes, the folks there were always busy from what I understand. It was a great show for us! Thanks for asking!


  6. Well I had the same experience as the first poster here….. imported all my info from, and all was fine. The next day I was scrolling thru flights looking at things, and POOF, everything was deleted. It hasn’t come back yet. I guess I lost all the data. Anybody have any ideas? Is it recoverable?


    • Yes. We believe we fixed imports several days ago and emailed everyone who had done an Import with a procedure to correct it. Did you not get it? Here is the info. If you have any issues, please email (rather than post here) so the dev team sees it immediately.

      Thanks, Steve

      Since the release of FlyQ EFB last Wednesday, we’ve found and fixed a number of bugs related to logbook import. Our records indicate that you have imported logbooks into FlyQ so we wanted to let you know what has changed and how you can delete and reload data that may not have been imported correctly. The fixes/changes are:

      Changes/Fixes in version (7/30/19)
      • ADDED: Ability to delete just imported logbook entries
      • ADDED: Ability to delete logbook entries within a date range
      • FIXED: Import of FlyQ logbook fails after editing with Excel

      Changes/Fixes in version (7/29/19)
      • FIXED: Imported logbooks are recorded as one day off
      • FIXED: Logbook exports are very slow
      • FIXED: Logbook imports do not always correctly indentify duplicate entries
      • FIXED: ForeFlight imports do not include Distance

      If you see problems with your imports:
      1. Go to
      2. Login, if necessary.
      3. Click the Settings (“gear”) icon at the top right of the screen
      4. In the Visual Logbook entry…
      5. Click ‘Delete Logbook entries” BUT BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL TO CHECK “ONLY DELETE IMPORTED LOG ENTRIES” or the feature will delete ALL logbook entries, including those created by FlyQ’s flight recorder or added manually!
      6. After double-checking that “ONLY DELETE IMPORTED LOG ENTRIES” is checked, click “Delete Now”
      7. You’ll see a pop-up asking you to confirm. The pop-up will mention if it will only delete imported log entries. If you DO NOT see such text, click Cancel to abort.
      8. If all looks fine, confirm the pop-up question.
      9. Now re-import your logs by clicking the “Import Logbook” button.
      10. Select your file and check the results of the import.
      11. Repeat step 10 as required for additional log files.
      12. Open FlyQ EFB on your iPad or iPhone and, after giving the app a few moments to download changes, see if the new entries appear and if they appear correct. If not, please email a copy of the problematic file and a description of what the issue(s) are.
      13. NOTE: In FlyQ EFB, you still may see the wrong date when looking at details for a given flight. This is a display bug in FlyQ EFB that we’ve already fixed for version 4.0.1. We hope to release that version this week with this and a number of other bug fixes.

      Thank you for patience!



      • Hi Steve. I did get the correction, and I followed the procedures. That’s not the issue. Everything was fine after I did the new import. BTW, I did email tech support, and the reply I got was “Odd.” And I got the link to this forum, hence my post. Like I said I was basically going through my flights looking around, and everything disappeared. Since that’s the reality, I guess all the non-imported info is gone forever?


      • Hi Anthony. We’re not aware of any deletes that happen accidentally. Every once in a great while, we have seen the Flights list clear until you do kill and restart FlyQ but that’s about it. That said, we’ll take a look in the DB and see if your flights are still there.


      • Hi Anthony. We’re not aware of any deletes that happen accidentally. Every once in a great while, we have seen the Flights list clear until you do kill and restart FlyQ but that’s about it. That said, I took a look in the DB and see if your flights are still there and they seem to be. To force a refresh in Flights, try: Settings, Logout, Enter email/password to log back in. May take a couple of minutes to see the flights list refresh. If this doesn’t work, we really don’t do tech support on a forum so please email as we find 1:1 support is better.


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