ChartData Alert: FlyQ EFB / FlyQ InSight

On Friday August, 9, around 4 PM Pacific we released new ChartData.  All is fine except that the FBO phone numbers had one small change made to them that causes FlyQ EFB (all versions, not just 4.0) and FlyQ InSight to crash when viewing the Services tab for an airport.  No other app is affected.  We have already reverted the FBO phone numbers to their previous format and re-released the US Digital ChartData.  Only digital data was changed – approach plates, airport diagrams, Sectionals, IFR Low and High, etc. are all fine.

If you downloaded new FlyQ EFB or InSight ChartData before 11:30 AM Pacific on Sunday, August 11, please do the following to get the corrected data.  If you have not yet downloaded data, there is no need to do anything other than perform the usual data update and you will get the corrected digital data.


  1. Launch FlyQ EFB
  2. Tap the ChartData Manager (down arrow) icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll down just below the map area and tap Delete Digital ChartData in the Digital ChartData section.
  4. Kill and restart the app. Read how.
  5. Once FlyQ EFB is restarted, go back to the ChartData Manager page and click Update Now.

FlyQ InSight or Pocket:

  1. Delete the app.  Read how.
  2. Re-install by downloading from the Apple App Store (FlyQ InSight) or Google Play Store (FlyQ Pocket only) by searching for the app by name or, if you’re reading this on your device, click here: FlyQ InSight for iOS.  FlyQ Pocket for Android.
  3. Download new ChartData.

We are very sorry for the problem.



6 thoughts on “ChartData Alert: FlyQ EFB / FlyQ InSight

  1. Thanks for the update, I noticed it yesterday flying into kpns and after about 8 tries, I figured something was wrong with my iPad. Thank you for a speedy fix…

    Vincent Bryan



  2. Hi Steve   today I read your email concerning services tab and tested my FlyQ and noticed that airport LL40 was listed as a airport. That airport has been closed for years and the runway is used for parking construction equipment 99% of the time. If you look at the aerial picture you will see construction equipment on the runway.    just saying


    • Thanks Ralpha. That’s odd – the FAA does generally leave old airports in their database so long as they look like an airport BUT they mark it as CLOSED. We display such airports but do the same — add CLOSED to the top. Not shown here so I wonder if the FAA forgot to mark it that way. We’ll find out.


  3. Hello Steve,

    Just wanted to leave a note saying that while flying the little apps at the bottom of the page are harder to see with the latest upgrade.

    Best Regards,



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