ICAO Flight Plan Filing

In case you missed it, after many delays, the FAA is now mandating the use of the ICAO flight plan form rather than the venerable FAA form.  For many types of flying, the world-wide standard ICAO form was already required.  Starting Aug. 28, it’s now required for all plans.  See http://aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2019/august/06/mandatory-icao-flight-plan-filing-back-on-track?utm_source=ebrief&utm_medium=email

Of course, FlyQ has you covered as we’ve used only the ICAO flight plans to file plans for the past two years so you’re already using it and likely have absolutely nothing to do.  A few tips:

Tip 1:

You have a choice between Basic and Advanced settings when you create an aircraft profile in FlyQ.  Basic is fine for most configurations but if you need to be more specific about your equipment:

  1. Tap the Settings (gear) icon at the top of the screen
  2. Go down to the Aircraft Profiles section
  3. Tap your aircraft
  4. Select Advanced mode from the top left
  5. Edit the fields you need to change (and use the Help button at the top if you’re not sure what a field means)
  6. Tap Save

Tip 2:

You can link your FlyQ account to your Leidos account so plans filed in FlyQ automatically appear in your Leidos (1800WxBrief) account.  That also lets you request Leidos to send you text messages that allow you to open and close flight plans simply by replying to the message from your phone.  Very slick!  Here’s how to link the accounts: https://youtu.be/zxILbFQQeZ4


2 thoughts on “ICAO Flight Plan Filing

  1. I love how my FlyQ account is linked with my Leidos account! I file my flight plan in FlyQ and it shows instantly in my Leidos account. This is great because I use both FyQ and Leidos for my weather briefing! Super awesome!

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  2. If you haven’t already, the Open/Close flight plans via SMS (text message) they offer is so great. Stay tuned, I think you’ll like what we have planned for FlyQ 😉

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