FlyQ EFB 4.0.1 Released

Version 4.0 was a massive release that added a powerful new dimension to your flying: Post-Flight Analysis. Watch the video and review the new Pilot’s Guide with more than 50 new pages added.

The just-released version 4.01 is also a huge release but the focus was not on adding new features; rather, we concentrated on improving stability and performance, fixing bugs / crashes / lockups (most not new to 4.0 but long-standing issues), and generally making the product even more reliable. In fact, we fixed more than 150 problems and used a variety of analysis tools to look for places where we could improve the code for better reliability and performance.

How to Get FlyQ EFB 4.0.1

If you already have FlyQ EFB on your iPad/iPhone:
1.  Go to the App Store on your device.
2.  Tap the Updates tab.
3.  Look for FlyQ EFB.
4.  If you see Open, it’s already downloaded and simply tap Open to fire it up.
5.  If you see Update, tap it to download then use Open when that appears.

If it’s not on your iPad or iPhone:
1.  If you’re reading this on an iPad or iPhone, just click here to download.  Otherwise…
2.  Go to the App Store on your iPad or iPhone.
3.  Search for FlyQ EFB 
4.  Click Get or Download.
FlyQ EFB 4.0.1 requires iOS 10 or later.  Older iPads and iPhones that do not support iOS 10 may continue to use FlyQ EFB 3.3.1 and will continue to get current ChartData every 28 days

What’s New in 4.0.1

FIXED: About 50 crashing and potentially crashing bugs, especially with unusual ADS-B data.
FIXED: Avidyne: Sending flight plans from FlyQ to the IFD 440/540/550 broken
FIXED: Avidyne: Sending flight plans from the IFD to FlyQ broken
FIXED: Avidyne: Problem connecting to the IFD for ADS-B, position, and AHRS info
FIXED: Plans: While offline, edits to flight plans do not save
FIXED: Documents: List is empty if app started while not connected to the Internet
FIXED: Flights: Various problems with + to add a new Flight entry
FIXED: Flights: Manually entered or imported log book entries appear to have the wrong date in Flight Details
FIXED: Slingshot: Inop
FIXED: 3D: “Tape” display for both Alt and GS does not show correct data in some cases
FIXED: iPad: Search box incorrectly resizes itself with very long flight plan entry
FIXED: iPad Pro 12.9 inch: Various layout issues
FIXED: iPad Pro 12.9 inch: Crash when adding gauges in some cases
FIXED: iPhone XS: Various layout issues
FIXED: iPhone: Some Search and Rescue patterns allow decimal entry in some fields but no way to enter one in some cases.
FIXED: iPhone: Very dificult to select specific Search and Rescue patterns
FIXED: iPhone: Adding a Layover makes it impossible to select items on the bar below the Plan summary area (the bar with aA Winds Rev Clear Edit)
FIXED: iPhone: Gauges may overlap each other in rare situations
FIXED: iPhone: Changing Flight date/time does not have a Done button
FIXED: iPhone: Time/Wifi/Etc. bar at top of the iPhone disappears after certain popups
FIXED: iPhone: Cannot close the Like popup
FIXED: iPhone: Flight Plan File button oddly placed when scrolling ICAO Plan area
FIXED: iPhone: No easy way to dismiss the keyboard after entering something in the Flights Search field
FIXED: iPhone: Lockup on flight plan creation with rare combination of settings
FIXED: Plans: In Plans/Edit, the + button does not add new line fillers between all existing points
FIXED: Plans: In some cases, changing the default Pilot is not reflected when creating a new flight plan
FIXED: Plans: Reversing a flight plan in some cases causes a blank flight plan
FIXED: Plans: Crash when editing the name of an entry in the NavLog if the name is a lat/lon point
FIXED: Plans: Fixes and navaids not properly added to the flight plan in rare cases when idents are not unique (i.e. same ident used in US and Mexico)
FIXED: Map: Switching from Split to Single screen Landscape may confuse the Map gauge bar in certain cases
FIXED: Map: Map layers do not all properly initialize if turned on when app starts
FIXED: Map: Map orientation may change from North Up if you jump the map to a new position such as an airport
FIXED: Map: 2D Map Layers will not be saved properly if the app closes while in 3D mode
FIXED: Documents: Various problems with adding Documents not in the Library (photos, URLs, etc.)
FIXED: Documents: Rename text field of a Document sometimes in the wrong screen position
FIXED: ADS-B: Various crashes due to malformed data
FIXED: ADS-B: Connecting to a Bluetooth ADS-B receiver does not automatically turn on the Traffic layer
FIXED: ADS-B: App crashes when connected to GoGo inflight WiFi as it uses ports generally used for ADS-B systems
FIXED: ADS-B: Rare case of ADS-B target appearing on the ground when actually in flight (altitude is marked as ‘Unknown’ in the raw data)
FIXED: Wx: METAR translator does not handle the case of temp w/o dew point correctly
FIXED: Wx: METAR translator does not handle “in the vicinity” correctly
ADDED: Flights: Recorder now remembers the type (SEL, MEL, SES, etc.) of the default aircraft when adding new flight records
ADDED: Flights: Remarks shows full screen details on tap to accommodate long text entries
FIXED: Flights: List not sorted correctly when adding or editing a flight to a date in the past
FIXED: Flights: Multiple problems with Like popup
FIXED: Flights: Selecting a custom date range in the Flights list defaults to the year 1924.
FIXED: Flights: Minor layout issue in the Friends list while in split-screen landscape mode
FIXED: Flights: Various scroll position problems in the Flights list after an edit or sync
FIXED: Flights: Comments to flights made may not appear until after a sync
FIXED: Flights: Deleting a Flight track shown on the map sticks even if the flight is deleted
FIXED: Flights: Swiping left on a line item in Data incorrectly shows Delete
FIXED: Flights: Comments and Likes do not always appear
FIXED: Flights (Imports): Flight date often off by one day
FIXED: Flights: Changing flight date not obvious (is white when should be blue in Edit mode)
FIXED: Flights: Changing flight date does not work all the time
FIXED: Flights: Changed flight date not represented corrected on the flight details page nor sorted correctly in the list
FIXED: Flights: Flights List can be too slow
FIXED: Flights: List not always repositioned correctly after an edit or a synch
FIXED: Flights: Reports include deleted log entries
FIXED: Flights: Report performance too slow
FIXED: Flights: Sizing and cropping a Profile image does not always work correctly
FIXED: Flights: Changes to a Profile image do not always save
FIXED: Airports: The “stick figure” runway diagrams (green background) in Airports does not show all runways when shown full-screen in cases of multiple runways
FIXED: Airports: Surface wind arrows are not consistently shown using the user’s selected units (i.e. MPH vs Kts)
FIXED: Airports: The “star” (Favorites) icon in Airports is always blue (on) even when not a favorite
ADDED: Settings: New switch to enable/disable showing the “Send to Aspen” option in the NavLog
FIXED: Settings: Minor UI problem with the Courseline and Rings page
FIXED: Settings: The Aircraft and Pilots lists have unnecessary Cancel buttons
FIXED: Settings: Brightness and Opacity has a redundant Done button
FIXED: Settings: The list of supported ADS-B receivers in Settings misses uAvionics and Dynon devices
FIXED: Personal Waypoints: The list of Personal Waypoints has a useless Save button.
FIXED: Personal Waypoints: Adding a Personal Waypoint via +WPT does not enforce certain constraints on the Ident field
FIXED: Search: Adding an extra space in Search confuses flight plan creation
FIXED: Downloads: Possible fix to rare crash when a background download happens
FIXED: Sim: Turning the Sim off causes a minor UI problem when playing a Flight

6 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB 4.0.1 Released

  1. I’ve ordered an iPhone 11 Pro Max, which comes with iOS 13.1 (i.e. newer than the last FlyQ-approved iOS version). Any ideas about when we might expect a Beta running under iOS 13.x?

    (I have not updated my iPad from 12.4.x, so can continue to use that for now, but the object is to eventually use the iPhone instead…)


  2. FlyQ seems to work fine w 13.1 with only one known very minor exception but we’re still testing. That said, we do not generally suggest that folks update to a major iOS (or iPadOS) release until it’s been out in the wild for a bit as time always shakes some bugs loose.


  3. […] FlyQ EFB 4.0.1 has just been released.  And that’s on top of FlyQ EFB 4.0 which added incredible post-flight features including a Visual Logbook, Visual Playback (2D and 3D) and Analysis Graphs, the Floq network to connect with your fellow pilots, and great new CFI/Student features.  Learn more, read what the press says about it, download a free 30 day trial now, or watch some of the more than 80 videos we have on YouTube. […]


  4. I have an ipad mini 2 which will only update to 12.4.2 because of it’s age. Often it drops coverage momentarily but comes back –would this not happen if I bought a newer version? I can not use the tracking for instance because it starts a new trail every time it drops coverage. Just wondering–I only fly VFR so it is not crucial. I have flyQ’s latest version. Thanks for your input. Penny

    On Tue, Sep 24, 2019 at 1:06 PM Flying with Seattle Avionics wrote:

    > Steve Podradchik posted: “Version 4.0 was a massive release that added a > powerful new dimension to your flying: Post-Flight Analysis. Watch the > video and review the new Pilot’s Guide with more than 50 new pages added. > The just-released version 4.01 is also a huge release but the ” >


  5. Hi Penny, a few issues here. While we do support the iPad mini 2, it’s really about at the end of its useful life for complex apps like FlyQ. I would replace it as a general matter of course. That said, if you’re using the internal GPS on the iPad — that’s likely a huge part of the problem. if you are, a $99 Bluetooth GPS like the Dual 160 or Garmin GLO will work VASTLY better. Or just get an ADS-B receiver which also includes a GOS like the Dynon DRX for not too much more.

    Thanks, Steve


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