Cyber Monday: Extend a Subscription at the Old Price and Get a Price Lock

As we recently announced, FlyQ’s annual subscription price just increased.  But we wanted to give you a chance to add 1 more year at the old price — AND lock-in that price for all future renewals!

However, hurry as this offer is good for just 48 hours.

New VFR + IFR Price: $159
New VFR Price: $79

Offer expires Tuesday, December 3.


Remember that this includes new version 4.5 with massively upgraded weather: 3X more weather layers (21 vs. 7), Predictive Radar, new Timeline and Altitude Slider, Lightning, PIREPs, Echo Tops, Cloud Base, Cloud Tops, Surface Analysis, Icing, Turbulence, and many more — most work with both ADS-B and Internet weather!

And you’ll soon see Weight & Balance, a Profile View, Audible warnings, one-tap to add IFR Procedure points, and more!

6 thoughts on “Cyber Monday: Extend a Subscription at the Old Price and Get a Price Lock

  1. Suggestion for the Logbook would be a currency section added to the current flight totals summary at the top of the logbook that both pulls from the logbook entries and user inputs for:

    General currency (Category and class)
    Night currency (Category and class)
    IFR currency
    Flight review currency
    Medical currency
    Flight instructor currency for CFI

    There may be other currencies and all could be user selected for display.

    And also an addition to the available reports to include an FAA 8720.


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