Coronavirus & Seattle Avionics

As you’ve probably heard, Washington has the dubious distinction of having more coronavirus cases than any other state.   See  And the Seattle area is the hardest hit in the state.

Consequently, we’ve decided to have all employees work from home, effective immediately.  This is similar to what Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are doing.  Thanks to the wonder of modern technology, this should not affect general business too much.  However, we do ask that folks use email, rather than a phone call, for tech support and sales questions whenever possible as the phone system is the hardest element to use from home.  Email addresses would be and

Also, as surely someone will ask … we don’t know any more than you do but, based on numerous factors, we expect that Sun ‘n Fun will be cancelled this year and are busily planning a Virtual Sun ‘n Fun.  If it isn’t cancelled, we’ll evaluate whether to attend or not, taking into account that we have several employees of an age that the CDC suggests do not travel or attend large gatherings.  More on our plans later…

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