FlyQ EFB 4.5.1 Now Available

UPDATE:  FlyQ EFB 4.5.2 has now also been released.  It adds a much easier to see bottom tab bar and an option to help pilots with color blindness see the radar images more clearly. Read more.

FlyQ EFB 4.5.1 is now available.  It includes bug fixes and improvements to last week’s initial (and massive) FlyQ EFB 4.5 release.

Changes include:

FIXED: Crash on Alaskan ADS-B radar
FIXED: Crash when selecting certain SIDs or STARs
FIXED: Crash when selecting a Flight without a track
FIXED: Crash if Camera is not enabled in AR view
FIXED: PIREP date display not formatted correctly
FIXED: Icing layer does not refresh correctly on some Timeline movements
CHANGED: Legend improved to clarify AGL vs MSL and simplify Cloud Bases range
FIXED: HITS boxes not always displayed properly in 3D view
FIXED: Traffic ring does not move unless ADS-B traffic is present

How to Get FlyQ EFB 4.5.1?


Check to see if you already have it

You may already have FlyQ EFB 4.5.1. if you have your device set to automatically update to new app versions.  Check which version you have by:

  1. Start FlyQ EFB
  2. Tap the Settings button (gear icon at the top of the app)
  3. Look at the top right of the Settings screen.  If you see v4.5.1 you already have it.

If you already have FlyQ EFB on your iPad/iPhone:

  1. Go to the App Store on your device.
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen, tap your picture (it probably has a red number).
  3. Scroll down the screen and look for the Available Updates section.
  4. Find FlyQ EFB.
  5. If you see Open, it’s already downloaded and simply tap Open to fire it up.
  6. If you see Update, tap it to download then use Open when that appears.

If it’s not on your iPad or iPhone:

This is a GREAT time to use it for 30 days at no charge as we cleared all records of previous trials so you can try it again.
  1. If you’re reading this on an iPad or iPhone, just click here to download.  Otherwise…
  2. Go to the App Store on your iPad or iPhone.
  3. Select the Search tab.
  4. Type FlyQ EFB in the search field at the top of the screen.
  5. Tap FlyQ EFB when it appears as you type.
  6. Click Get or Download.
FlyQ EFB 4.5.1 requires iOS 11 or later.

17 thoughts on “FlyQ EFB 4.5.1 Now Available

  1. Hey Steve
    Noticed on my Iphone 11 that in the Radar Hi res that it did not keep up with the weather that went through our state of Ga two days ago. The regular radar worked fine. Not crystal clear and the movement dots of the cells was not showing up.
    How do you get to the saved flight plan page after you put in a sample flight. It seems the the airplane flight symbol will not get you back to that page.

    3 you had atated in upcoming revisions that the instrument proceedures page would be linked to the most favaborable by wind or have a selection to select the STAR and the approach and have it automatically downloaded

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jack. Thanks for the questions. 1. You have a sharp eye. You noticed a bug that we identified 2 days ago. If the app is just sitting there – NOT FLYING – some of the weather does not update until you manually move the timeline. When flying, this works fine. We have it fixed already for the release AFTER 4.5.1 (which had already been released to Apple before we found it). 2. Not sure I understand. You generally get back to the plan by tapping the Plans tab at the bottom of the screen (which does autohide after 6 seconds). Sometimes you’ll need to also tap the “Current” button at the top of the Plans tab. 3. You can already add a SID or STAR with a touch. When the SID or STAR is up, tap +FP. Not a new feature although we did fix a bug with it for v4.5.1. I don’t remember promising showing winds on that page but it’s a good idea.


  2. Hello Steve! I hope you and your family and staff are staying “distant”, Safe, an well!

    This EFB just keeps getting better and better. I have a suggestion. When opening the Legend It occupies almost all the screen, and right in the middle. It usually covers right what you are interested in looking at. How about programing the Legend box so it can be “dragged” around the screen, thus exposing the areas that you are using the Legend to read?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Wes. Thanks for the kind words. We are doing well and I hope you are, too. We originally planned to make it draggable but ran out of time. Also, given its size, it wouldn’t fit on the small map area available in split-screen mode. And making it smaller would have impacted readability on the iPad (it was already too small for the iPhone, hence the pinch-to-zoom feature).


  3. Hi Wes. Thanks for the kind words and suggestion. Yes we are all doing fine. Thank you for asking. I hope you and yours are doing well, too.

    We had originally planned to make the Legend a floating window (we did this 15 years ago for our original Windows-based planner called Voyager). In essence, we ran out of time to do that for v4.5. There are also some other issues: 1. The Legend is too large to fit in a split-screen window so has to pop up on top unless it’s resized (which affects readability). 2. Obviously doesn’t fit on the iPhone. Another user made the suggestion for an option to fit into one side of the split screen so you could pop up the Legend on one side of the screen and see the map on the other. I like the idea but, as noted above, the Legend won’t currently fit on one side of the screen.


  4. 1. I think a better idea for the legend would be to make what pops up for the legend only be the legend for let’s say the cloud bases and not everything all at once. I need to see the screen so I can note the base colors to use the legend.
    2. Why don’t you allow use of the slider for cloud bases like you do for Cloud tops?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the two excellent questions. 1. We thought of making the legend dynamic based on which layers are selected. Simply ran out of time to implement. Not sure it would have helped much anyway as, after a certain number of layers on the legend, it’s too large to have on-screen w/ the map anyway. 2. Because it was too confusing … we tried it 😉 The Cloud Tops and all other weather layers that vary w/ alt are based on MSL. Cloud Bases, to be most useful, are in AGL. Mixing AGL and MSL on the same slider wouldn’t make any sense, therefore, if you had > 1 layer on (one MSL, one AGL) you’d be confused. For what it’s worth — we tried it by converting the AGL data from the wx provider into MSL but it confused everyone who saw it (myself included). So, in the end, we decided to just use distinct colors instead.

      Thanks, Steve


      • Hey Steve,
        Please make the Timeline selectable like the altitude slider is, it is irritating how the timeline comes up each time you change screens. I really like the new weather choices with 4.5., it was worth waiting for.
        Stay safe and fly safe (solo of course),
        Thanks again, Paul


      • Hi Paul. Not sure I follow. Change screens? If you manually turn the timeline off and switch tabs, when you return to the Map tab, the timeline is still off. It comes back, intentionally, when the app is restarted. Is that what you mean? It also does seem to come back if you toggle from 2D to 3D then back to 2D map. Is that what you mean?


      • Hey Steve,

        That’s correct, this was complained about on your blog but I can’t find it right now. I will look some more. Thanks,



  5. Steve

    While updating all states were green but fuel prices kept updating and verifieing over an over

    Thank you

    John Clark


  6. Today was the first day with rain showers moving through our area and I was very impressed by the “new” radar display layer with 4.5. It is far superior to the previous radar display on earlier versions of FLY Q. That being said the Animated radar still needs a little pause after ending the moving radar and before the restart of the sequence so a pilot can evaluate what he/she is seeing. With 4.5 the radar intensity levels are simply great and it’s so much easier to see the cells embedded in the picture. Please make the Timeline selectable on the layers as I stated previously. Thanks for the great work. Paul


    • Thanks Paul. Appreciate the kind words and suggestion. I’ll check but I think there is a short pause. If so, perhaps extend it? Also, FWIW, the animated radar is actually still using our old wx provider for technical reasons but something we should fix for the 4.5.2.


      • Steve,

        Rick G. on April 8th, 2020 at 7:31 made the recommendation that I am requesting also on Comments for 4.5.

        Sorry I didn’t explain my concern better with the Timeline, it would just be helpful not absolutely necessary.

        Fly safe,



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