Announcing FlyQ EFB 4.5: The Weather Release

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s November and the weather is getting cold and nasty, making safe flying harder.  We noticed it, too, so new FlyQ EFB 4.5 is focussed on dramatically improving weather support in the app.  And by “dramatically,” I mean really, really dramatically!  Watch the video!


What FlyQ EFB 4.5 adds:

  • The app goes from having 7 weather layers to 21 weather layers!  The new layers include Cloud Tops, Cloud Bases, Turbulence, Icing, Lightning (both actual and predicted), PIREPs, Surface Analysis, Surface Winds, Ceilings, Visibility, Precipitation Type (snow, rain, etc.), Surface Temperature, and Dew Point Spread.
  • FlyQ now includes the new ADS-B products such as Lightning, Turbulence, Icing, and Cloud Tops as well as PIREPs.
  • All of the new ADS-B layers are also available when connected to the Internet (that is, before flight) so you can review Turbulence, Icing, PIREPs, Lightning, and Echo Tops before you fly or while you fly.
  • A Timeline with Predictive Radar!  You can move the timeline into the past to see how weather has recently changed or move it into the future to see how weather is expected to change during flight.  That includes Predictive Radar, TAFs, AIRMETs/SIGMETs, and Winds Aloft.
  • There is now a new Altitude Slider so you can see how things change at different altitudes.  That includes Winds Aloft, Icing, and Turbulence.

FlyQ EFB 4.5 is about to enter beta testing and will be extensively demoed during multiple free webinars next week.  Sign up for the webinars now as space is limited.

If you’re not already a beta testers, email to join.  Be sure to note the email address you use for your Apple ID.

34 thoughts on “Announcing FlyQ EFB 4.5: The Weather Release

  1. […] Flying safely is all about training.  Now that the weather has turned on us, we think it’s an ideal time to brush up on FlyQ EFB.  In keeping, we’ve scheduled a comprehensive series of live webinars next week … and some of the following week.  They cover 8 different topics from Buying and Using an iPad and Intro to FlyQ to Advanced FlyQ EFB and Advanced Flight Planning.  And they include the very-special introduction to new FlyQ EFB 4.5. […]


  2. Are there any plans to incorporate audio alerts and such to a future version of FlyQ? This helps with keeping the pilots head outside the cockpit and not focused on the electronics.

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  3. Can you detail which weather products work on internet vs ADSB?

    I’m mainly interested in the PIREPs, as that’s still the last thing that I whip out the cell phone and skyvector for.

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    • Hi Paul,

      Everything works on both ADS-B and Internet except for three items that are Internet-only: Surface Analysis, Satellite (clouds), and Cloud Base. So yes, PIREPs are there both inflight and pre-flight. Also, the Radar layer doesn’t include the Predictive part when on ADS-B. Sat. is available when flying, however, as the app simply uses the last Sat update from the Internet. Sat isn’t updated esp. frequently by NOAA anyway.


  4. This is the most exciting release I’ve seen for a while!! Adding these weather features and taking advantage of the ADS-B weather is fantastic!! I love the cloud top and echo feature additions,Great job making this a priority!!

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  5. Hello Steve,

    I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the new weather products you have added in 4.5 and I’m signed up for several of next week’s webinars.

    My questions:
    1) Are there any plans for adding MOS weather information? Friends who use ForeFlight have convinced me that looking at (among other things) TAFs 3 days out is a great way to do advance prep for a coming flight. Of course, I can get those charts on my computer and my tablet, but it would be easier and faster to access everything from within FlyQ.


    2) Are you considering adding weight and balance calculations to FlyQ? Again, friends who are ForeFlight users point to the simplicity of having everything available from within their EFB.

    I did not find useful or helpful the social media-type features you added in a previous update, because I just don’t use those things. I’m really excited to see the new update with more practical weather features. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you.

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    • Hi Joanne. We are planning for MOS but did you know that we already have, and have ALWAYS had a 7 day forecast built into the app? For any airport, tap the Weather subtab then look at the top. Tap ‘7 day forecast’.

      Yes, W&B is very high on the list…. as well as a Profile view (like FlyQ Online already has), audio alerts, and more.


    • Thanks for the kind words, Joanne.

      1. FlyQ already uses TAFs and the new Timeline in 4.5 allows you to see wx in the near future. We also have a 7 day, not 3 day, forecast available by tapping the airport and going to its Weather tab. Tap “7 day forecast”. This isn’t on the map but should give a great idea of the upcoming weather. That said, yes MOS in on our list for things to add.

      2. WB is high on the list of things to add.

      Thanks, Steve


    • Not quite sure yet but we’re trying for this week. If so, it wouldn’t be 100% feature complete (likely incomplete iPhone screens, for example) but would definitely cover the new ADS-B layers and altitude slider.


  6. Idea for you guys. How about a feature to allow radio transition (ie atis, clearances etc.) recording and auto type the info into scratch pad? Would be a great time saver and prevent missing important clearances. Can connect iPad audio port to headseat cords with adapters.


  7. Steve,
    The huge advantage of having MOS available is a quick easy overview of potential VFR weather via colored dots (airports) similar to the METAR feature in FlyQ. Makes go/no go decisions simple for planning a few days out. I use it for planning on virtually every non local VFR flight. The sliders in FLTPLAN Go are essential also to be able to set “personal minimums”. I’ve been a fan of Seattle Avionics since being a decision maker many years ago with FMS purchases. I want you guys to continue to be a leader, but MOS is a game changer.


  8. […] FlyQ EFB 4.5 is in beta testing and nearly ready to launch.  It’s a whopper!  We refer to this release as The 3X Weather Release because it has 3X more weather layers than the current version.  Lightning, Icing, Turbulence, Surface Analysis, Cloud Tops, and so much more.  Not only that, it includes an incredibly helpful Timeline and Altitude Slider so you can see how weather is expected to change during your flight — all the more useful with our exclusive Predictive Radar.  Of course, it also includes the new ADS-B weather products like lightning, icing, turbulence, etc.  It’s nothing like anything you’ve seen before.  Be sure to check it out at the booth (#108) […]


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